What Are You Saying To Yourself?


Most of us blame the negative environment around us for our challenges or setbacks in life, yet do we really look at what we are saying to ourselves?

I once was told, choose your thoughts carefully because the things you think to yourself can have a massive impact on your own behavior, the energy you are giving out to others and your own emotional/physical health.

At first, you may take this as an insult or personal slight, but really it is a compliment because it means that you have control over your own thoughts and can change your life without having to rely others.

Inside Attracting Greatness we suggest you try a very simple, yet powerful exercise — for 3-days, journal your thoughts throughout the day and you will be shocked to discover how many negative thoughts you allow versus positive thoughts.

Try it…keep a pad of paper or voice recorder beside you for the next few days and each time you have a thought, note whether it is positive or negative (you can simply have two columns and check the appropriate column as your day progresses.)

After realizing that 90% of our thoughts on any given day are negative, we can begin to change those thought patterns, interrupting the negative and inserting more positive thoughts which will have an amazing impact on behavior, our ability to attract more positive results and people into our lives and overall improve our emotional and physical health.

My challenge — give this a try for 3-days and report back to this post (using Comments) to let us know how you made out and the impact it has already had on your life.

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