We Get What We Think – Don't We?


Get What You WantI was exchanging views with some "Law Of Attraction" advocates recently on a panel and an interesting question came up from a person in the audience…

Basically her situation was that she was currently unemployed and as part of her "get back on the horse" exercise she decided to take stock and re-examine her career path.

As part of that process she decided to re-discover her passion so that she could better examine her options in terms of what makes her happy and excited.


Along with this newly found purpose, she began to apply some of the principles of attraction where she began to see her life as if she had already achieved her desired outcome – a job in a career that she loved.

Suddenly, offers did start to present themselves…she found she was taking action and actually received some offers in this tough job environment, but there was a problem.

She found that all of the offers were so laughingly low in terms of pay that she couldn't even pay her bills…so the question she asked was "Should I put myself in a situation of financial distress in order to follow my passion?"

In other words, should I blindly follow my passion and THEN expect that something miraculous will happen on the financial side?  After all, she believed she was following this magical Law of Attraction!

Can you spot the problem?

Indeed, I have had several experiences and helped many people achieve great things in their lives based on aligning beliefs with passions, visualizing and experiencing (in advance) their achievement of a certain desired result and seeing it happen – it's an amazing thing…I think of it as less a Law of Attraction as empowering the human spirit to get what it wants.

In this case what we discovered is that the woman had indeed tapped into her inner passion and HAD done a terrific job of visualizing and believing she would get a job in this new career field..but what she had been visualizing is ANY position…in fact as I spoke with her it was clear she had truly pictured an entry level because that's all she felt she was worth when she changed careers.

So there you have it...we get what we think!

We fine-tuned her belief system to see herself adding HIGH value in her new marketplace, leveraging her passion to believe that she would add tremendous value for which she must be paid accordingly.

With that change in belief system she will now begin to see new opportunities, new ways of delivering more value to her market and remove the ceiling that had been placed on her with the initial attempt to enter the job space.  In fact, she will rise above all of the competition and stand out among an passionate group of high achievers and be happier, contribute more and be paid accordingly.

The lesson for all of us is that we must look closely at what our beliefs and desires really are…if we are feeling left behind, held down, frustrated or stuck in a rut then it is most likely that there is something in our own belief system that is responsible.  If we identify that and change it…entirely new breakthroughs and opportunities will open up and you really can change your life.


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