Want To Get Motivated? Get Pissed Off!


When someone talks to you about increasing your motivation, they tend to focus on the positives…look on the bright side, turn your energy into a positive direction, blah…blah…blah!

In my experience, what motivates people is when they get so pissed off they are not going to take the current situation anymore and then gets them motivated to do something about it.

Agreed, this can take people in one of two directions:

  • Decide to be angry and use that as justification for doing something bad, illegal or negative – OR…
  • Decide to take responsibility and assert control turning things around in a positive direction

Obviously we are talking about the second option here.

But the bottom line is that the process of NOT settling for the current situation, of challenging the BS that you hear and decide to do something about it turns you from a passive blob into an active energy source that is vibrant and attracts other movement around you.

In that sense, channeling pent up frustration and even desperation into anger as a means to initiating change can be a very useful method to get unstuck in your life.

So many of the most successful entrepreneurs I know ONLY became successful after finally getting angry enough to kick themselves into action and find out about alternative business options,  no longer settling for having their professional and financial lives controlled by others.

Others who have made incredible changes in their lifestyle, health and relationships did so because they decided to get pissed off enough about the situation they were in to take control and change their life for the better.

So, next time you wonder what it takes to get motivated, ask yourself "Am I fed up enough with the current situation to actually get angry and propel myself into a new, improved situation?"

If you are NOT angry enough or desperate enough for change, it will not come.  So, on occasion I have racked my brain with vivid imagery of what life WILL be like in the future if I don't get motivated or take action now – in effect ratcheting up the anger level internally until action is the only option.

Give it a try…and watch how motivated you can really be.

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