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Are you living in an undesirable state right now?

Do any of these words capture the way you are feeling right now?

  • Broken down
  • Tired
  • Frustrated
  • Dark
  • Wrenching Pain
  • Hopeless
  • Angry
  • Confused
  • Controlled
  • Uncertain
  • Anxious

These are negative states that many of us end up falling into in normal life.

When I felt trapped in a job I hated in my twenties, many of these words described my mood and state in those days.

To escape, I avoided work, procrastinated, drank too much, and did just about anything I could to try to forget the negative state I was in…but none of that was aimed at changing that negative state, only trying to live with it.

That's really the challenge isn't it?

Learning to break out of these dark, negative states in our life that we tend to slip into before they become all-consuming impacting other areas of our lives like the relationships we have with our friends and family, our jobs, our own health and wellness and our energy to show the world our true potential.

Within the SNAP System for Getting Unstuck In Life, a simple, 4-part system for breaking that dismal, negative, black state is handed to you and with it, you can finally break free taking back control of your own emotional state so that you can live with more control and certainty allowing you to finally share your true potential with the world.

One of the main steps in the SNAP system is learning how to Wake Up – rekindle your passion and purpose in life and learn to SNAP out of your life rut clearing the clouds and letting the sunshine back into your life.

Here are 3 tips for triggering that WAKE UP moment in your life – tips that you can apply to your life right now that will begin the process of re-awakening your inner spirit, joy and energy setting the stage for a total WAKE UP to change your life toward where you really want to be.

1. Control It – Change It

The first step in any major life change is to now with 100% certainty that YOU can change from your current state into a much more awakened, positive state.

No matter how black things seem right now, no matter how little control you feel or believe you have and no matter how much negativity has already dogged you in your life…you will be one of many that have initiated (through exercise of their own control) major life transition and nobody can stop you.

Taking ownership for your own life change is empowering, but can also be incredibly scary.  Have faith in yourself…have faith that with one or two major changes your entire perspective on life, those around you and your place on this earth will change profoundly in a very short period of time.

Own It, Control It in order to Change It…repeat that to yourself multiple times each day until you are 100% certain that you will do this.

2. Rekindle Your Passion And Purpose

You may have heard the phrase "live in tune with your passion or purpose" before…in fact you may have heard it so many times that you have decided to tune it out.


Instead, dig in one or two levels deeper and find out how you really can identify and then re-align your life to your passion again.

So many times we work with people who start by saying they don't really have a passion or that they don't know what it is.

Within a few weeks of working through exercises, they begin to identify their passion again, but deny that they can really make it the center of their life because it is impractical, too time-consuming, does not generate money to pay the bills, is not aligned with the interests of your friends of family or is simply impossible.

For example, I always wanted to be a writer, but it just isn't practical given my heavy schedule and the fact that my family depends on me and my job to pay the bills.


I remember I really enjoy teaching, but I'm now too old or it's too late to become a teacher – I wished I had have pursued it earlier.

Then, after challenging those beliefs we typically ALWAYS find a way to begin to alter your life toward your passion and purpose.

For example, pivoting one's career in a direction where they can begin to learn their craft and get closer to their passion setting up an eventual exit and major life change is often possible.

There are other ways to balance the desire for maintaining income, stability, security and perhaps reducing the impact on those around you and yet allow you to still re-align and go after your purpose and passion in life.

Always remember that you will have more energy, more positivity, more influence and increased ability to help others when you align yourself with your passion…energy and influence that today is stifled by the fear, anxiety and darkness you feel each day.

3. Confront (Not Bury) Your Fear

Fear holds us back from doing that which we want most.

This one fundamental truth holds 80%+ of you back from living the life full of potential, happiness and joy.

Think of this as the WALL OF FEAR that your mind creates sitting between where you are today in your life and where you want to go.

There are many ways to tackle this fear and no longer allow it to stand in the way of major breakthroughs…

  • Build competence…when you increase your competence in a certain area you reduce fear until eventually the tide turns and your desire overcomes your fear leading to action
  • Build belief…fear lives in a place where belief is lacking.  When we believe something MAY be possible (say a 50-50 chance) fear takes over and convinces us that the odds are stacked against us.  When belief is complete, then fear is defeated
  • Build certainty…it WILL happen, it IS happening and your success is inevitable.  You deserve it and cultivating the right mindset, getting out of our own way will make it happen with absolute certainty.  Study others who have gone before you to help cultivate that certainty
  • Build confidence…you no longer doubt your ability to handle whatever comes next along the journey.  You have the strength to rise up from setbacks AND the peace of mind and sense to handle success as it comes your way.  Any doubt about your confidence fuels the flames of fear

Knowing that you are in control of this life change, allowing your god-given talent and passion to guide you and learning to remove fear result in the ultimate WAKE UP  in your life.

Are you ready to make it happen?

To finally escape the darkness and see the light again?

Get started now…if you have questions or comments leave them here at the blog.  If you want to Fast-Track your journey, then use the system available here that has worked for thousands of others…and enjoy your NEW life.

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