Two Ways To Create Positive Change In Your Life


Isn't it frustrating to know that you MUST change in life and that you really want that change badly, but you seem to be constantly drawn back to the same bad behaviors again and again no matter how hard you try?

For instance, if you have ever tried to…

  • stop smoking
  • lose weight
  • control your anger
  • speak in public
  • become more extroverted (introverts) or become more introverted (extroverts)
  • become a more giving person
  • overcome emotional challenges
  • be a more positive person
  • say NO!
  • overcome substance abuse
  • be less anxious…

Any one of these things can trigger incredible resistance to change pulling you back into patterned thoughts and behaviors making change very challenging to realize isn't that right?


As we outline in Attracting Greatness, building the foundation for change in life happens in two ways,  both involve radical re-framing of our lives at that point in time.

1.  "Shock Attack!"

Here, what we refer to are rather traumatic changes that occur in your life (either real or perceived) that snap your mind out of its current state leading to a near complete re-frame of all or part of your thinking and behavior.

Some shocks can be…

  • Losing your job
  • Health scares
  • Having kids
  • Getting married
  • Getting a new job
  • Relationship breakup
  • Retirement
  • Seeing someone close to you go through one these major Shocks

When shocking events or emotional triggers occur, we snap out of current thinking and open our minds to new options embracing change.

Even then, change can be temporary unless we continually re-live the shocking event or thought until our new thinking/behavior becomes the new normal.

2. Conscious Decision & Supporting Plan

Another way change can happen in your life is to make the conscious decision to do what is necessary to produce a similar catalyst to that of the shock trigger described above.

In other words, you want to create the same negative thought associations backed by tremendous emotion linked to the status quo and at the same time link wonderful positive thoughts and emotions to the outcome of dramatic change in your life.

In the first scenario (where something shocking happens in your life), that negative association to staying the same and positive association to how good things will become in the future happens automatically…in this scenario we need to put these same factors into place.

By consciously recognizing the limitations of where we are today, of building a crystal clear emotional grid cross referencing the future outcomes if you were to stay the same versus the emotional positives of change we build the foundation for profound positive change in our lives.

Ideally we don't have to wait for a "Shock" to occur in our lives but can control positive change starting immediately.  That's where making the conscious decision and driving change from within is such an important part of our life journey.


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