Turning Goals Into Victories!


We all have dreams and wishes linked closely with achieving desired pleasures or overcoming current/perceived pain,  some choose to no longer acknolwedge those dreams,  while others get completely lost in these dreams.

A subset of us move from dreams and wishes into goals…concrete statements about what we want to achieve.

Granted, those goals may range wildly from general goals like "I will feel better" or "I will lose weight" or even "I will make more money" to very specific goals such as "I will lose 5lbs by the end of the month" or "I will help my child get an A on their next assignment" 

Obviously more specific is better, but there is still something missing that prevents most goals from being realized – or what I call, achieving victories based on your set goals.

So what is missing?

How about Passion and Committment

Grounding your goals in deeply held, emotion-filled, passion-backed internal awareness is one surefire way to help turn goals into victories. 

Momentum is required to move from status quo of where we are today toward our goals, and that momentum can sometimes take short-term pain or reduction of short-term pleasure (the strongest kind) to get things rolling and that means you have to have an equally strong force moving you toward breaking out of the status quo as is the current force trying to keep you IN as part of the status quo. 

Attracting Greatness is a terrific source of learning more about how previously stuck, bored, frustrated people have been able to break out of their rut and live the victories they had previously wished for, sometimes for 40-years or more!

Goals can ONLY be turned into victories if we…

  • Reduce the pain associated with moving beyond status quo (or where we are today) – this means breaking down fears, low self esteem, past pain in our lives, stress, and so on… WHILE
  • Increasing the levels of pleasures around achieving our goals

Once this balance is tipped in favor or moving forward (a relatively easy thing to change in your life) – suddenly you move from a dreamer and goal setter to victorious achiever. 

Tony Brunelle touches on this very well in his personal blog post – setting out how he will achieve his goal of catching a bigger fish…tell me this goal isn't backed by PASSION!   In fact, his passion doesn't come from catching the fish so much, but rather from being one with nature, the meditative impact of being on the water and the sport of fishing. 

Now that is passion!

Second, goals without committment really aren't much more than dreams or wishes.   We tend to be much better at keeping promises than realizing our goals…why is that?

As Greg Reid points out in this blog post, Goals are a waste of time unless you back them with the same committment you make when you promise to do something. 

Ok,  imagine if you could tip the scale from being stuck, comfortable and afraid to move forward AND are no longer fearful of making committments to move toward your goals…you will have gone through an amazing transformation from Goals to Victories in your life.  Are you ready?

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