Trapped In Your Life? Have You Created The Cage?


trapped in life

You need to keep growing, learning and expanding your life in so many ways, so why is it that you feel trapped in your life and unable to get to the next level?

Don't blame other people, the economy, the government, your past or anything else for the situation you are in right now – other than YOURSELF!

That may seem like harsh advice, but believe me, nothing good comes from blaming others for your situation – past or future.


It's really quite simple…when you put the blame for where you are in life and use it as a basis to limit your future potential you are giving UP!

Have You Trapped Yourself?

Every key pivotal decision in your life from when you wake up to what you do this next 1-hour, from who you spend your time with to how you will accept the feedback coming into your life right now is YOUR decision.

In many cases, limiting beliefs around how much control we really have and the options we have keep us trapped artificially.

If something bad financially happens to you (you lose your job, a massive bill arrives and needs to be paid, your stocks lose 20% of their value…) then you have two options:

  1. You can cower, become depressed, blame any number of people for the situation you are in and in doing so, commit to being a victim for the rest of the day, week or your life!
  2. You can choose question, learn and improve your situation from this moment forward because what happens now does not mean it will happen or impact you forever, so you may as well learn the lesson, take responsibility and make sure you do your best to avoid it happening again

Notice these two choices involve nobody but you.

This is YOUR choice, and yours alone.

It is your choice how you will respond to your past and present circumstances…choice 1 is sometimes our instinct but completely transfers the power to improve and move on in the hands of others, whereas option 2 may hurt for a few hours (as we take in what has just happened), but ultimately is liberating as we retain control along with hope and confidence that we will change things from this moment on.

We live in a world of blame, where individuals are giving up their power to control their own lives.

No wonder so many people are depressed, trapped, stuck, bored, unhappy, unhealthy and suffer from low confidence.

The trouble is that most people don't realize they put themselves into that state and situation…by blaming outside circumstances and people for their situation they have guaranteed themselves a life of unhappiness and despair.

Tell me something, and please be honest…when you stand up and take responsibility for something that has gone wrong in your life, is there lasting pain?

The answer is – NO!

Free Yourself To Live, Love and Grow

There may be some short-term pain and discomfort, but taking responsibility and turning the page makes you stronger, more experienced, better able to make the right decision next time in your life, and it gives you tremendous self-worth and self-confidence.

In fact, I'm not sure there is any stronger source of self-esteem and self-confidence than being in CONTROL of your own emotional state, your health, your happiness and your future – do you agree?

So, if you are stuck in your life, unable to reach the next level look closely at who you blame for that ceiling that holds you back.

Often if you think about it, the cages that trap us in life are of our own doing.

The walls and bars that encase us and hold us back from greater vision, action and experience are realized by our own mind…at any time we can decide to lave the cage, widen our horizons and only then can we realize the next phase of growth and achievement in your lives.

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