Top 5 Personal Development Revelations

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Personal development is a lifelong journey, the more we learn and grow, the happier we will be in life.

As with any journey, there are certain steps you take that make a MASSIVE difference to the outcome of that journey.

Having studied personal improvement, applied to my life for decades and worked with top people in almost every industry we have put our finger on 5 of the top personal development revelations with the biggest impact on life.

These are the BIG realizations that serve to change people's lives once they open up and accept their truth

Often we miss these which keeps us stuck in a certain place in our lives, once we understand these principles though door open to amazing futures.

Feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment if you relate to any one of these or if you have one powerful concept that opened your door to major personal development.

Your Responsibility – Your Control

Perhaps the single biggest revelation is that no matter what your past, no matter how bleak, hopeless and stalled your present may be, you have the complete control to change that in the future.   Not only does this keep you from waiting on someone else to make change happen in your life, it also empowers you lowering stress and frustration by putting the control for your own life back into your hands.

Discipline Leads To Freedom

It took me the better part of 40-years to understand this concept, but it is absolutely true and powerful.  The practice of discipline is what leads to more freedom, only when you purposefully focus on health, strong relationships, self-discipline and discipline around your career and finances will you begin to achieve at levels that give you more freedom.   While acting without discipline may give you freedom in the moment, the truth is you are limiting your tomorrow by wasting your today.

Low Confidence Comes From Low Certainty, Doubt and Dis-Belief

I get asked by many people "what is the cure for low self confidence?" The answer always starts with learning and growing and then moves toward overcoming the doubt inside your own head.  When you know something inside and out, your confidence goes up doesn't it?  So, choose the most important 2 areas in your life where you want to improve your confidence and dig in, skill up and increase your doubt lowering your uncertainty around these areas – watch your confidence soar.

You Are Either Moving Forward OR You Are Moving Backward – There Is No Middle

One of the biggest fallacies in the World today is that you can exist in the "comfortable" middle.  If you bring your game up to "average" you can live a comfortable and happy life.  This is a complete fallacy…there no longer is a "standing still" option in your life.  You are either moving TOWARD your dreams, goals and outcomes or you are moving AWAY from them toward helping someone else realize theirs.  The trouble is many of us don't realize it or don't admit this is true until it is too late in life.

Mistakes Are The Best Way To Learn And Move Forward

A universal factor directly impacting personal development is your ability to deal with and learn from mistakes, setbacks and failures.  We all learn 10-times more from a failure than we do from standing still…the quicker you take action, find out what works and what doesn't and then learn from the setbacks the higher you will soar as a person.  Of course you want to learn as much as you can from existing information, coaches and mentors, but make sure you do not let fear of failure stop you from taking action swiftly and decisively.

Just as you would brush your teeth, exercise and breathe, so should you practice personal development on a daily basis.

These 5 BIG revelations are a great place to start as you continue down your personal journey of self improvement allowing you to be a better person inside and out.