Time For Yourself Pays Off BIG!


You've heard the expression "Pay yourself first" right? 

That usually means that keeping some of what you earn to pay yourself results in a solid financial foundation from which you can achieve your goals and dreams – including helping others through investment, charities and the like.

But, what about the concept of taking time for yourself as a method of helping those around you?

Inside Attracting Greatness, the roadmap that defines our journey from being stuck, depressed, bored and directionless to a more purposeful, productive, happy and motivated state depends almost entirely on self-improvement as a means to improving the situation and people around us.

It is pretty hard to help our child boost his or her self confidence if our own self confidence is waning isn't it?

How can we help a grieving relative get their life back if our own soul is hurting so much that we can't possibly put aside our own pain to focus on someone else's

When we set out to achieve anything in life…whether it be goals around relationships, improving our health, securing our financial future, achieving a more fulfilling career or business direction or just to be happier and more at peace with our own life – doesn't it make more sense to approach these major objectives from a position of strength rather than a position of weakness?


I remember more than 10-years ago when I first started to seriously meditate – the first few weeks felt like I was selfish, stealing time away from my family, friends and job in order to calm my mind. 

Then, something amazing happened!   Around the 4th week, I slowly began to realize some pretty significant benefits from meditation…for me they were:

  • A significant reduction in stress, I just felt more in control and at ease no matter what situation
  • My digestion improved dramatically – acid reflux to Irritable Bowel through food allergies began to ease up and years of living on ant-acid pills stopped (I haven't taken an ant-acid since – ever!)
  • I found my self confidence improved and others saw it in me too…friendships grew and improved
  • My family saw the changes too, they had their old Dad and husband back – I hadn't realized how much I had changed
  • My entire outlook on life changed…suddenly I chose the healthy path more than the unhealthy path and lost weight, had more energy and felt terrific

From that point on, I was totally convinced that not only was taking time for myself NOT stealing time from those around me, it was actually NECESSARY to giving the people around me the best of myself…and they certainly deserve that. 

So next time you think about taking time for yourself to exercise, meditate, practice yoga, work on your goals or improve yourself in any way, go ahead with the knowledge that improving yourself will impact those around you many times more – you owe it to yourself and them.

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