Thinking Big…Gets You Big Results


What a better way to start the New Year off than to begin Thinking BIG!

Thoughts, to a large extent, control your beliefs which impacts your action combining together (with the universe) to give you the results you get in life.

Today is the day to stop "betting" that somehow things are magically going to change in your life and instead, take charge and control that change charting a course in a direction that will turn 2011 into your best year ever.

That means thinking BIG things…no matter where you are or what has happened in the past, it's time to think BIG.

Start working on this today:

1. Relationships:  What BIG thoughts can you write down and review each day around where you want to be with your relationships.  For example, if you have just gone through a rough patch, you want to put that aside for now and write down a positive statement about the ideal relationship – what he or she will mean to you, do with you and what you will do for them.

2. Personal development:  What positive statement can you make about your personal growth will you make for the first few months of 2011?  Perhaps something like "I will become supremely self-confident and self-assured by workding 15-minutes each and every day of January on improving my own comfort level and banishing my fears forever!"

3. Have a few statements (that you repeat until they are everyday thoughts) around health and wellness.  This may be around weight loss, building muscle tone (and reducing body fat), reducing sugar by half in your diet, lowering sodium, being more consistent with your nutrition or exercise, etc…

4. Finally – some positive thoughts around money and your career/job.  Remember, you want to think BIG thoughts here – you want to place yourself in the ideal situation where you a) Control your destiny, b) Get to have positive people around you every day c) Are paid for your value to the marketplace (not limited by a flat paycheck) and d) Get to learn and improve everyday instead of stuck in a job that you hate

The results you will achieve in 2011 are DIRECTLY linked to your actions which are largely controlled by your thoughts.   So, doesn't it make sense that taking control of your thoughts right now will ensure that you are steering your actions in a way that will guarantee you better results?

Why not share some of your statements with us so we can all work on this together and really knock it out of the park in 2011?  Leave a comment on the top right corner of this posting.

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