The RIGHT Way To Wake Up Each Day


Let's face it, each day we all face a combination of good things and challenges.

Unfortunately it is the challenges that we tend to focus on  and that weigh us down.

Multiply that by 365-days and we end up carrying a very large load on our shoulders all because we simply start and end each day focusing on what went wrong, what the challenges were, the negative things versus the good things.

To change that, put together your own Wake Up Stoked list that you promise to yourself you will review each morning as soon as you get up and again before Noon.

Here is a an example…

Your Own Breakthrough Wake Up List

  • I'm alive, awake and ready to accept positive things into my life today
  • I have loving people in my life today (list them from your family to your best friends to teachers and mentors)
  • I will learn at least one new, amazing thing today that will help me grow and contribute to those around me
  • I face the day knowing that I have the benefit of learning and growing from challenges and setbacks making me stronger, smarter and happier than I was yesterday
  • I will remain focused on my passion and purpose today making sure to make progress on my top 3 goals, a journey that allows me to live the life I desire

By waking up and feeding your mind the positive beliefs and thoughts for the day and then backing those by taking action you will notice how much better that makes you feel and how much more you are able to get done without the stress, anxiety and tiredness you often end the day with now.

You can customize this list…I suggest you re-use some of these to get started and become more specific as you identify your own goals, passions and purpose in life, but you needn't wait, get started with this list first thing today and keep it going consistently.

Give it 3-4 weeks and you will find that you have formed a new habit that will be lifelong and life-changing.

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