The Power of Visualization


There are many self-improvement concepts that can help take you to higher levels in your life and in your business, but two are especially powerful…

1. The power of knowing what you want

2. The power of visualization

We explore the entire range of factors involved in 'getting unstuck' and moving forward in your life within Beyond I wanted to give you some tips on visualization.

The power of visualization will help you overcome obstacles on your path to greater achievement in your life, but is only as powerful as knowing what it is you want. 

Visualizations often are misguided as people use the powerful technique to redirect energy their way bringing new opportunities, experiences and things into your life – but, if they are not inline with what YOU want (and say instead are the dreams, goals or objectives of someone you admire), then you will not achieve happiness or greatness within your life. 

But…if you can really dig deep inside of yourself through the power of introspection and understand what you REALLY desire…then using the power of visualization is incredibly powerful.

I first figured out how powerful visualizations could be when I quickly worked my way up the ladder in a retail job back in highschool…working through 4 promotions in less than 1-year in a part-time role meant I was second in command of the store within a very short time. 

Next, I used the power of visualization to overcome fear and doubts I had about entering an entirely new career space using nightly visualizations of how I would look, feel, act and respond as if I was a seasoned professional in these positions. 

Less than a year later I used visualizations to expand my abilities into training and publishing training manuals which I then progressively visualized as leading to my own business which is certainly now the case. 

Along the way, positive visualization helped deal with significant doubt, fears, distractions to maintain focus and achieve desires almost at will.

If you have ever felt left behind or stuck in a rut or left back because you can't seem to propel yourself beyond fears, distractions, frustrations – then use positive visualizations to set yourself up for success.

Your Own Positive Visualization

Start your own visualization by having a clear sense for exactly what you want to achieve – something in your personal or business life perhaps or a health or wellness goal.

Next, play a movie to yourself visualizing you having already achieved your end goal – who would be around you and how would they react?

Let's say you had finished your own book or lost 20-pounds – imagine walking into a room with either goal achieved – what would those around you say?  How much attention would they pay to you?  Would would it feel like to have achieved either goal?  Would you be smiling, have more freedom, feel better about yourself?  What would that feel like?  How would your friends react? 

Once you have a complete "movie" in your head of having reached your ultimate goal, then play that back over and over again several times each day until you have reached your goal through the power of visualization. 

Give it a try – even after a week you will begin to notice a difference – you will feel more confident, have more energy and depending on your goal, may already have achieved your desired outcome.

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