The Power Of The Moment


One of the most important lessons I have learned in my life so far is to stop living in the past and future and instead live for TODAY!

My tendency used to be to worry…worry about everything!

My job, my health, everyone around me, how people perceived me, if I could handle certain situations, about my friends, my enemies — you name it, I was worried about it.

Then there was the other part of my day…living in the future.

  • I will be happy when I grow up
  • when I get through school
  • when I get my first real job
  • when I get married
  • when I have kids
  • when I retire, etc…

Sound familiar?

Everything was yet to come, as if nothing good was happening right now.


My first major breakthrough came when I learned to put the past behind me and stop worrying about what was…that each day was new and offered incredible opportunities no matter what happened yesterday.

That made a huge difference in my life.

No longer was I held prisoner by past setbacks, embarrassments, feelings of inadequacy or negative experiences.

Yet, to really live in the moment, another transition would be required.

Living entirely in the future is another very destructive habit, especially for those of us who are making dramatic changes in our lives and are focused on self-improvement.

But here's where the second breakthrough comes in…


By focusing on the past OR focusing on the future you are equally taking away your progress TODAY!

Makes perfect sense right?

What if you could put all of your focus, energy and thought into RIGHT NOW and not have to worry about what happened in the past or what may happen in the future?

Here are 3 ways to help you Live Today instead of in the past or in the future:

1. Visualize Barriers between today and the past and today and the future.  Imagine yourself in your most desired location (on the beach, lying in the sun, on a boat sailing the ocean, whatever that special place is for you.  Now imagine that this scene is TODAY and that you can block off thoughts about the past or future using heavy steel doors that are unbreakable.  By visualizing this each day you will be training your mind to see each day on its own without intrusion from past or future thoughts.

2. One At A Time…get used to managing feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and frustration about not getting everything done that you want to get done in the future all at once by understanding that we can only get one thing at a time accomplished…slow and steady wins the race.

3. State Your Future Intentions As If They Are True Today,  This is a very important, seemingly small change in how you plan for the future.  If you want to be more confident, then change your state TODAY as if you already were more confident.  If you want to live a different life, experience a transformation of any kind, then convince your mind that you are already living that transformation right NOW! That way, you get the benefit of achieving your goal (instead of always chasing it) and you attract that which you seek so desparately.


These changes may seem subtle, but I can assure you that major breakthroughs can occur in your life when you stop living in the past and limit living in the future but instead focus 110% on today.

Can you do this?  What is your technique for living in the moment…for not worrying about the past or future?  Leave us a comment and let us know your opinion on limiting worry and anxiety in your life.

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