The Power Of Intersection


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Have you ever noticed that when you are given time, instead of enjoying that time and using it productively you instead find yourself falling into patterns of negative thinking, you end up in front of the TV, computer or gaming system leading to a downward spiral of feeling stuck?

Instead of making your life better, spending time by yourself can actually have the opposite effect of pulling us deeper into our rut in life.

Why does our mind sabotage us in that way?

At the same time, we may be down because we can't seem to get people to listen, respond or be friends with us.

This feeling of being rejected, unwanted, ignored or taken advantage of only feeds our feelings of discontent.

This scenario is much more common than you believe and can be broken by adopting the power of "Intersection"

What Does Intersection Mean?

Imagine each person's life (beliefs, thoughts, actions, reinforcing events…) as a journey in an isolated tunnel.

That's not such a tough concept to understand, indeed each of us spends that vast majority of our time focused on OUR tunnel, our own beliefs, desires, focused on what is in it for us.

Every once in a while, we hit an intersection in the tunnel where we come into contact with someone else's isolated journey (we engage in a conversation, we align around a joint interest or hobby, we form a meaningful relationship, etc…)

But even then, the intersection is temporary and it's not long until we are back in our tunnel and heading on our life journey

Isn't the value really in the intersections?

When our life journey intersects with others, we experience:

1. Enlightenment – we learn new perspectives, beliefs and ways to act from these intersections

2. Engagement – we get the feeling of belonging, acceptance, and connectedness that is so important to our overall outlook in life

3. Contribution – we have the ability to contribute, influence and improve the lives of those around us which in turn adds value with the return to us being fulfillment, peace, and some level of financial remuneration

4. Focused On Positive – with the right relationships, have you ever noticed that you are much more positive with your like-minded friends than when you are alone with your thoughts?

What we see then is that the more we open ourselves and seek out intersections (meaning the less we are focused ONLY on our journey and open up to understanding and contributing to the journey of others around us) the happier, more productive and energetic we will be.

So, how can you improve the rut you may find yourself in right now?

Or, how can you take your life into new realms of happiness, enjoyment, fulfillment and influence – by living more of your life at the "intersections" where you get to interact, understand and truly help others versus living an isolated, unhappy and unfulfilled life in your own tunnel.

Question for today is — "Can you recall one instance of your life where you "intersected" with someone around you and it made a big difference in your life?"

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