The Key To Self Improvement…Habits


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One of the most challenging aspects of self improvement is that some days you see huge progress, but many days you do not.

Some days may seem downright frustrating as we seemingly lose ground in our self improvement attempts.

It doesn't matter if our improvement is around…

  • Goal setting
  • Stopping procrastination
  • Being more positive, stop negative thoughts
  • Improving our health
  • Getting more done
  • Sticking to a plan
  • Becoming a better speaker or worker
  • Letting go of stress and anxiety
  • Learning to be more social and attract more friends or relationships into our lives
  • Achieving higher levels in your finances and career

On any given day, we put the time in but may experience a setback or at least no perceived level of improvement.

Just because we don't "perceive" improvement though, the fact that we spend time on our self improvement plan each day means that we are progressing on the path toward greater personal development.

The reason why is habits.


I like to share with people that simply sticking to the habit of your self-improvement plan each day is far more important than any one day's progress.

Habits are, in fact, the way we have arrived at where we are in life today.

Today's reality is the sum total of the habits over the past days and years in our life.  If we want to change tomorrow from what we live today, then we simply MUST change our habits.

It's not like we arrived in this undesirable place the DAY after a bad habit set in…that would be so much easier to deal with.

Instead, years of practicing and then reinforcing bad habits has led to where we are today.

  • Years of negative self-talk succeeds in chipping away at our self confidence until we have very little self esteem left.
  • Years of living life according to someone else's goals and desires has left you unfulfilled, anxious and frustrated – this did not happen overnight
  • Years of using unhealthy foods as a substitute for feeling stressed or bad about your life lead ultimately to emotional and physical stress on your body…again, this doesn't happen in 1-day or even 1-week, but over the course of many months where bad habits become instantiated in our lives
  • This even applies to your thought process.  Many of us have years of negative self-talk, so it goes without saying that to stop negative thoughts we need to formulate new habits to recognize our daily bad habits and substitute daily good habits with positive visualizations, affirmations and belief

What we need to do is, starting today and with commitment to the next 30-days (to start with), bring new habits (one-by-one) into our lives and over time our lives will change dramatically.

The fact that successful self-improvement is the sum total of your changed, renewed habits rather than some instant result from a one-time change in your life is the #1 reason people give up on their bid to enhance personal development.

What about you?

Have you set constructive daily habits that contribute to your desired end state?  Are you sticking to those daily habits despite the fact that each day will bring new challenges?

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