The Key To Achievement Is Belief


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You've probably heard the saying, "if you can conceive it you can achieve it" as related to changing your life for the better.

Well, not exactly…

Simply conceiving something, knowing that you want to achieve something in your life is not enough to make it happen is it?

You want to lose 20lbs, but that's not enough to take the action required consistently to make it happen.

Certainly, you have to WANT something before you can achieve it, but WANTING is not enough.

On the other hand, if you want to achieve something AND you believe it will happen, then you have the spark required to actually execute and make it happen.

If we want to run a half-marathon but have the smallest doubt in our mind that we can do it then we will sabotage the thoughts and actions required to bring that result about.

However, if we believe with utmost certainty that we WILL run a half-marathon,  then we have freed our minds of doubt and all that is left is to make it happen.

So how do you cultivate belief?

  1. See Yourself Having Already Achieved The Desired Outcome
  2. Build Your Knowledge, Understanding And Awareness Of What Is Required To Eliminate Uncertainty And Build Confidence
  3. Study Others Who Have Achieved What You Are Setting Out To Do…This Will Both Inform and Motivate You To Certainty
  4. Breakdown The Journey Into A Series Of Bite-Sized Steps Making It Seem Much More Attainable
  5. Reinforce Your Success With Daily Affirmations
  6. Set Up A Path Where You Can Experience Early Successes That Help Reinforce Achievement
  7. Seek Out A Mentor, Coach That Will Hold You Accountable, Give You Tips And Keep You Moving Supporting Your Level Of Confidence

Assume you are trying to lose weight.

Expose yourself to others who have achieved your goal through online groups, contacts you may know where you live, through a personal trainer, etc… You want to stack the deck by spending more time with people who have achieved what you are setting out to achieve

Next, dig into the information – what will you have to do to lose 20lbs in 30-days?

Come up with a daily exercise plan that will drop your weight, know the foods you need to stay away from, uncover the habits that will contribute to your weight loss (lower stress, better sleeping habits, more time in nature, etc…) – this will all give you the confidence that you will most certainly achieve your desired outcome

Find yourself someone who will hold you accountable.

This could be a personal trainer, an existing workout buddy with some experience, an online training site or simply a personal contact that will play the role of keeping you accountable each day as you make sure to prioritize the activities required to bring about your desired outcome.

The important missing component to achieving progress in areas of finance, health, personal development, career, relationships, etc…is belief and certainty.

To move from WANTING and WISHING to BEING and DOING, cultivate certain belief and you will be on your way.

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