The Journey Or The Destination?


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Destination Thinking

Have you ever noticed that we spend the majority of life thinking about the destination we wish to reach and tactics around how we can reach that destination in the quickest, most painless way?

But what about thinking through the journey instead of just focusing  on reaching our destination the fastest or most painful way possible.

What difference would it make in your life if you woke up each day and couldn't wait to live for THAT DAY.

Life Journey Planning

Not a day in the future, not some point marked by reaching a certain achievement in your life but instead because you have designed your journey in such a way that each day brings happiness, satisfaction, joy and reward.

I'm not saying life is ever perfect…but it sure can be more fun and fulfilling than the day most of us lead when we pay little attention to the journey placing all of our attention on the destination.

Let's look at a couple of examples:

If our objective is to get out from under a terrible boss so we can perhaps get paid higher and not have to work nights and weekends…then we get the destination firmly in mind and go about trying to find any job that we can that will get us out of our current situation and reach our objective of getting another job – sounds ok right?

Not exactly, with the focus being on escaping your current situation and changing jobs but NOT so much on exactly what you could be doing each day to be incredibly rewarding, chances are you will find another job that will make you unhappy within a few weeks – this pattern is much more common than you may think.

Another example, assume you want to lose 10 lbs after the Holidays and have that destination firmly in mind.

So you go out and examine the plan you think will get you there fastest – a combination of diet and exercise that you jump into for 6-weeks and manage to drop close to 10lbs.

You already know what happens next right?

You fall back into past habits and gain that 10lbs (or even more) back within the next couple of months.

Instead, what if you decided that the lifestyle leading to being 10lbs overweight was not making you happy and that if you could change a few bad habits into something that made a difference each day (more energy, feel better, sleep better, etc…) that you could not only drop the weight but you could enjoy the journey and therefore be much more likely to stick with your program – true lifestyle change.

Take the time right now to examine some of your major goals, dreams and wishes in life and re-frame them in terms of finding a journey that will not only lead to your desired result but would excite, invigorate and challenge you each day.

After all, if we enjoy the journey, aren't we much more likely to reach the destination?

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