The Incredible Wonder Of Meditation



I came home this afternoon feeling defeated…frustration had gotten the better of me.

You know the type of day?

When you swear the entire world is stacked against you, seemingly everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

Missed appointments, people coming down you, even friends not honoring their commitments.

I remember walking in the door to my family sapped of my energy, feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.

We ate dinner together, I was quiet and frankly felt I could do nothing more than lie on the couch, watch TV and perhaps head to bed extra early tonight?

Can you relate?

But then something wonderful happened.

I took the initiative, put everything else on hold, found an empty room, put on a Solitudes Ocean Sounds track I have on my Iphone and gave myself 20-minutes to enter into a meditative state.

15-minutes later I slowly got up and suddenly everything had changed!

I noticed the freshness of the air, the beauty of the birds in the backyard, joked with my wife and kids and felt renewed energy like I had not felt in some time.

Meditation is not new to me, for anyone who has read Attracting Greatness, you will know that it, along with some alternative remedies, saved my life nearly 20-years ago…but for whatever reason I had been inconsistent with my meditation lately and had left it over a week – my bad!

Once again, rescued by the wonder of meditation, and once again I am reminded that there is no better way for you or those around you to spend your time twice daily.

If you are feeling tired, frustrated, cranky, stressed, low in energy and patience, having health challenges or can't seem to be emotionally happy then do yourself a massive favor…take 20-minutes, focus on a vision or sound that comforts you and let yourself go until you are able to focus your mind above all of the urgent, front-of-mind thoughts of the day.

If meditation ever was an option in the past, I would argue that today's stressful, fast-paced, demanding life makes it a necessity.

What's your take?

Have you tried meditation?  Has it helped you?  Leave us a comment.


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