The Essence Of Self Improvement


What does it really mean to "improve" yourself or your life and be the best you can be?

At the core of self improvement, are there some key factors that must be part of any self improvement plan?

1. Self Confidence

The root of all personal development leading to self improvement is the realization that all progress will come from within and that you control your path forward in life including how you target your focus, what your thoughts are, how you react to situations, how much you learn and how fast, and your overall attitude to the journey ahead.   Since the very premise of self-improvement emanates from within, it stands to reason that having self confidence in your ability to direct and live out your life purpose is critical.  Most of us operate at a very low level of self-confidence, constantly putting ourselves down and allowing others to control our own self-image.  Self-improvement must start by taking control of your own self-image…improving self confidence will filter down into every crevice of our lives as well as having positive impact on those around us

2. Purpose 

Building self confidence empowers us to dig deeply and discover our true inner purpose…that way of living life that is most in tune with what makes us happy and gives us pleasure.  Often that includes elements of gratitude, giving, teaching and learning as well as keeping our ties to nature and spirituality as well as our own inner spirit.  Dig deeply and determine your purpose in life, your self improvement depends on finding the BIG why that will motivate and drive you each and every day

3. Belief and Certainty 

We can think, wish and desire to be, become, have or do something, but without our brains being in total belief and having a high degree of certainty, we most likely will not proceed toward our objectives.  The more convinced you are that what you seek is achievable, the more certain you are of reaching your end objective and in the journey itself, the more likely you are to take action and benefit from the results.  Spend time daily programming yourself to believe and to be assured of certainty around your journey.

4. Discipline and Habits

Self-confidence driving you in alignment with your purpose in life backed by a high degree of belief and certainty is a near unstoppable force toward self improvement in your life.   Add in dedication to disciplined practice and formation of positive habits and you have the most straightforward path to achieving your personal development goals.  To many reading this discipline and habits can sound negative, mainly because in the past they may have been associated with painful experiences of trying to stick to a path that was neither purpose driven or backed by belief and certainty.  When you are purpose-driven, confident and believe completely in your ability to 'walk your journey' then discipline and daily habits are no longer painful.

Using these principles of self-improvement we have been able to help many people get unstuck in their lives and finally move forward into taking BIG steps forward in their lives in the area of health, happiness, career, relationships and finances.  The basic framework along with workplan is included in Getting Unstuck In Life – this program has changed the lives of countless others who now living a fulfilling life of constant self improvement, will you be next?

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