The Difference Between believe and BELIEVE!


Every single thing we have ever done in our lives was preceded by a sub-conscious or conscious belief that we **could** accomplish it.

You don't learn to walk until you believe you can which comes from a combination of modeling those around you and positive reinforcement from your parents or others supervising you.

At the same time, limits to beliefs constantly hold us down until we achieve Breakthroughs that help us to clearly see that what we thought was previously a limit is no longer a limit.

This is a fundamental truth of personal improvement and achieving success…and is so often the reason that people excel only when their back is to the wall and they are forced into different belief patterns to survive.

NOW – belief versus BELIEF!

What we don't realize though is there is a huge difference between believing something is possible and BELIEVING it is possible.

Here's what I mean.

When you talk to yourself in your head about overcoming your fear of public speaking you try to convince yourself that you can be wonderful, natural and highly effective up on that stage in front of the masses…yet this belief is marginal, technical…you don't really feel it in your gut that it is absolute.

But, when you see someone you know very well who is even more fearful than you get up and rock the house, suddenly your perception of the baseline changes…you now KNOW with certainty, emotional belief and absolute committment that it is 100% probably you will rock the house when you get up there.

That's the difference between BELIEF and belief.

There is no doubt, when we BELIEVE a goal or purpose is attainable, we WILL drive effectively toward that goal…overcoming all previous doubts, uncertainties and fears.

But that BELIEF must be emotional, enhanced by stimulation of all your senses (seen, heard, felt, smelled…) through visualization, elevating your emotional state, putting yourself in the place of having already succeeded and surrounding yourself with models that will help you KNOW what you want to achieve is not only possible, but a certainty.

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