The Achievement Mastery "Rollercoaster"


Yes, the purpose of working on your own ability to achieve, be more consistent, reduce procrastination and live a better life overall is to smooth out the "rollercoaster" that you may have experienced in your life on the way to emotional mastery. 

At the same time, that rollercoaster of periods that are unproductive, unhappy or just static followed by more advanced achievement is a reality that we all experience and must adapt to.

I remember being young, going through periods of just surviving followed by very powerful points where things became so easy, clear and enjoyable.  I became comfortable with this pattern coming to peace with the fact that my mind led the way and knew when it was capable of being free and having the cycles to be incredibly effective followed by times where it needed to relax, slow down and just re-charge. 

Most of all, accepting this pattern and living with it, making the most of it is important. 

The key is knowing that there will be periods where you can leverage your creativity, energy, spirit and ability to its maximum, then learning to guide those times in productive ways.

On the other hand, taking the time to listen to your mind and body during those "static" periods offers a terrific opportunity to know yourself better, get in touch with your true feelings.  I would see others fight through these lower points, pretend they don't happen, be overcome with the saddness or just frustrated and anxious over the ups and downs the journey guides us. 

But most of all, learn to understand the life cycle you are on and live in tune with that cycle – allow your mind to have its times where surviving is enough (as long as this doesn't become months or years) and then take full advantage of the high cycles to get amazing things done in your life. 

What do you think…does this "rollercoaster" concept match your experience?  Let us know by leaving a comment.

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