Teaching Yourself The Skill Of Self Confidence – Video


One of the more popular videos from the wonderful TED Talks series – watch how any of us can learn the skill of self confidence and dramatically improve our lives in the process…



What is the most profound thing you learned from this video?  Leave a comment and let us know.

My profound moment came in minute 1:13 when Dr. Joseph explains his definition of self-confidence as the profound belief in yourself that you can accomplish ANY task no matter the odds, the difficulty or the adversity.

Why I found this so profound is that many of us can temporarily be self confidence about something we know or do well in life – but most of us lack an overall confidence in our fundamental ability to handle whatever life throws at us…that is true confidence.

Inside Attracting Greatness the pillars of recognizing and managing fear, being driven by a higher purpose and knowing how to break free of your current bad habits are all critical – but underlying it all is the ability to have certain self confidence.

What's your take away?


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