Stopping A Bad Mood


How do you put a stop to a bad mood and stay motivated even though you are a little cranky?

Certainly in our quest to become more productive, more focused and positive a bad mood can appear to be a setback for sure.

Yet, in the end we are emotional beings and having a bad mood once in a while is not the end of the world.

Here are 3 ways to deal with and stop your bad mood so that it doesn't overtake your goals and focus for the day:

1. Accept it, know that your bad mood is normal and typically only lasts a few hours.  For that time, let it happen.  Punishing ourselves for having a bad mood often leaves us with feelings of guilt as well as lack of control.  If you acknowledge your bad mood and give yourself some downtime, you will find it turns into a positive instead of negative experience

2. Do something else.  Often being stuck in a rut, being bored leads to bad moods simply because our mind is no longer allowed to experience new and exciting things so it takes over by feeling negative (at least that is something new!) By changing and doing something different, you'll find your mind will give up on the negative thinking and your bad mood will be short-lived

3. Do something that makes you laugh.  You cannot stay in a bad mood when you are laughing so having triggers that you know will make you laugh or impact you in an emotional way at the ready for when you want to come out of your bad moods.

Finally, if all else fails, watch these two videos that can help anyone shake their bad mood!

How do you break your bad mood…leave us your comment.

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