Stop Thinking Life Balance…Think Super-Life


balance in life

Have you bought into the idea of trying to get more "BALANCE" in your life?

What does that really mean to you?

For most people, they are frustrated with their current life…their job, their career, their business and so they think of BALANCE as a way to do less of the things that stress us out…

I don't think of life that way.

To me, I want to do MORE of the things that play to my strengths, that enhance my relationship with important people around me and that aligns with my passion and mission in life.

Let me explain it this way…think of the most enjoyable thing to you in life — music, art, sales, teaching, creating things, etc…

Now, imagine you could spend 100% of your time at that activity…would you think about life balance then?

Life balance really means we want to escape doing things that we don't control and that we don't love to BALANCE our time with those things that we DO control and love


Instead of thinking about BALANCE in your life, think about doing more of what you are passionate about and moving away from things that do not align with your beliefs, passion and strengths.

Balance is simply a cop-out…a way that you can come to terms with the mis-direction in your life and "ease" in some additional things you DO like and control.

Forget about it!

Forget life balance and instead think about living the life you really want…UNBALANCED toward the thoughts, experiences, actions and results that you really want in life.

Don't hide behind trying to balance the negative with the positive – instead go ALL OUT to achieve the positive…re-align your purpose and mission, change your plan and go after it 110% NOT with the intent to balance the bad but to replace it through major change in your life.

Balance speaks to compromise, settling and tiny changes in your life whereas all-out life change from where you are today to where you really want to be involves dramatic change, not settling for being controlled and giving everything you have toward achieving that super-life you so clearly can see in front of you.



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