Stop Being Shy – Become Confident


I've mentioned before that shyness is not a black and white concept…we are all shy to one extent or another.

I have a good friend who is extremely outgoing, but is tremendously shy when forced to interact with someone they don't know in 1 0n 1 situations where others are most fearful when they have to get up in front of a group.

Others are shy around those they feel are superior to them while still others are more shy around those that aren't outgoing like them.

So it goes without saying, you may be someone that is more shy than you would like, but the first thing you should do is stop labeling yourself as shy compared to others who are not shy.

Second, we can manage shyness so that it becomes less impactful on our life, no longer stops you from doing or being who you really are…let's learn how that is possible.


To really understand what is behind feelings of shyness, uncertainty and fear…let's look at these 3 facts:

1. Center of Attention.  Along with feelings of shyness come the dreaded feeling or fear that you will be the center of attention and will screw up in front of those people.  To have those feelings what you have done is put yourself as the center of attention.  You have created an image in your head that the world around you focuses entirely (or mostly) on you.  Take that image away and suddenly the pressure goes away and you can live a more confident, less shy life

2. Images of Failure.  For shy people they have already created elaborate, emotional images of things going wrong and the worst possible result developing.  To counter years of this thinking you must begin to substitute thoughts of how things are likely to work out rather than the worst case

3. Why do they matter THAT much.  Another common trait of experiencing shyness is when we create such a massively important place in our lives for other people – as if our very life and future depended on them – we build a picture where any stumble leads to total destruction of your life.  That's way too much pressure to put on yourself obviously, so you want to replace those images with ones that value that person, but also put them into perspective…if if things don't work out you are strong enough to find others to help you get through life.

Shyness can be managed, the Attracting Greatness model for dealing with fear, anxiety, shyness and low energy offers a terrific, powerful road map to overcome challenges in your life, change your state and improve your results and happiness in just weeks.


Do you struggle with shyness?  Let us know when and how you have learned to manage that shyness through your life by leaving a comment?

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