Stop Being Paralyzed By Stress


Each of us has the ability to achieve great things in our lives, reach our dreams and goals and become the people and contributors we truly believe we can be underneath our doubts, fears, frustrations and stresses.

The challenge is keeping consistently motivated and focused on our goals.

Especially when we go through stressful times in our lives, we tend to shut-down, stop being productive and get down on ourselves.

Sometimes that happens for a few days, sometimes the impact of stress becomes chronic and we get stuck in a rut that we wonder if we will ever be able to overcome.


Stress distracts us, places us on the defensive, pushes us off course from our life plan and puts our goals into jeopardy, but it doesn't have to be that way.

There is only one really effective method for permanently dealing with any type of stress that impacts your life – we share our experiences and techniques in Attracting Greatness, but the root is a technique associated with meditation.

There are two massive aspects of meditation that empower you to limit the impact of stress on your life…

1. When you learn to properly meditate, you are taking 20-30 minutes out of the day to escape stress and refresh your mind and body, the impact is rather immediate in terms of added focus and energy

2. A major part of meditation is learning to look at your feelings, fears, frustrations and really…your emotions in an objective way which helps immensely in dealing with stress in everyday life.  When you meditate, especially when you get started, you will notice that many thoughts will stream into your consciousness – the more you try to calm your mind, the more these thoughts come rushing in…for a long time I thought that I was doing it wrong and gave up on meditation.

My breakthrough came when someone told me to NOT fight those thoughts, but let them pass through your brain as if it were a river and you were somewhere else watching all of this happen.

As soon as you become the "observer" instead of the "actor" in these thoughts, you have learned to look at all of this objectively and not let the stress or emotions directly affect you.

Long story short, after a week or so of doing this, I noticed a major difference in my ability to handle stress outside of my meditation times…it really was one of the biggest breakthrough's I have ever experienced in my life.

Since then, we have shared our techniques to help others achieve the same breakthrough ability to finally limit the impact that stress has on their life – a good place to start is the instruction & techniques inside Attracting Greatness…feel free to leave us your comments on how stress is impacting your life.

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