Staying Confident More Of The Time


Improving your self confidence doesn't mean that you are never confident – it is more important to seek out more consistency in your level of confidence. 

As part of Attract Greatness, the objective is to live in a constant state of high confidence, where we are fearless to pursue what we really know is important and valuable in our life. 

So often in our lives we seek approval, reinforcement and identity outside – in the relationships with others, friends, family, employers, co-workers – when we get it, our self confidence soars, but when we don't we come crashing down to earth and suffer debilitating low self confidence that paralyzes us preventing happiness, productivity and enjoyment in life. 

The sooner we can seek internal sources of self confidence and self esteem, the quicker we will realize more consistent levels of happiness and peace in our lives.  Instead of seeking the "quick fix" of getting approval from someone around us, we would be much better suited to determine what really drives and motivates us from inside and live our lives in alignment with those inner desires.

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