Someday Is No Day

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How often do you carry through on an idea, thought or intention when it is backed by one of these?

  • Someday I'll do it
  • Maybe
  • I'm going to…
  • My intention is to do it
  • Tomorrow…
  • Next time…
  • Soon…

All of these conditional thoughts fall into one large bucket I call the "No Where Life"

It doesn't matter if your intention is around money, your job, a relationship, your kids, your education, your own personal development…as soon you allow a thought like "Someday" or "Next Time" into the equation you are fooling your conscious mind, easing the burden of knowing that you simply are not committed to ever carrying through with your intention.

Now that you know this, notice how many times your thoughts and intention include these conditional statements.

For most people, nearly every thought or plan they have through a given day holds one or more of these conditions.

Taken collectively, "Someday" turns into "No Day" getting you No Where In Your Life.

The outcome…being stuck in your life despite having thoughts and even intentions of how to get unstuck, but never carrying through those thoughts into reality.

How Can You Overcome "Someday?"

1. Yes Or No

Instead of placing your thoughts and intentions into the "Maybe" bucket, aim to place most of them into either the No or Not Now bucket OR the "Yes, I'm Committed And Living It Now" bucket

This will be rough for many of you, nobody likes to dismiss things and the discipline it takes to carry through with certainty on those things that may take us out of our comfort zone creates a natural resistance

You must push through those.

The biggest belief you need to alter is to know that choosing "Maybe" is really choosing No anyway.  So make sure you are dropping those things aren't your top priority in order that you can focus on those things that ARE your top priroity

Which brings us to…

2. Know Your Top Priorities

We can't have it all, as much as we would like that to be the case, it simply is not true.

The outcome of our life hour-by-hour, day-by-day, year-after-year is completely directed by the choices we make.

NOT making choices is a choice in itself, one that rarely leads to a positive outcome.

I don't dismiss the role of luck or serendipity – I do believe there is an element of these that do exist in life.

I also have lived long enough, studied enough top performers and have had enough of my own experiences to know that luck and serendipity are directly related to the preparation, focus and commitment you have to your direction in life.

In other words, when you drop 3 lower priorities for your TOP priority and commit more than ever to making that TOP priority your life each day then you begin to notice more things related to that opportunity.  You put yourself in situations where you are exposed to other that will bring "luck" and serendipity your way.  You most likely would have overlooked these had you been focused on another, less important, priority in your life.

3. Make Quick Decisions

Once you know your priority – for example around a relationship or around your finances – then get into the habit of not taking any more than 30s to make a decision around a thought or action you are considering.


When guided by conscious intention and certain commitment, your instincts will take over assessing the thousands of decisions you must make each day – decision that would otherwise have paralyzed you into inaction.

At it's core, achievement is as much about putting yourself into the Fast-Lane and making large number of decisions without slowing the momentum or energy.

In the majority of cases where failure is not fatal (there are some exceptions such as flying an airplane, building a bridge, etc…), you can afford to not be right on all scenarios and still advance significantly faster by making quick decisions.

Research we reviewed shows that the optimal level of being informed before making a decision is somewhere between 35% and 70% meaning that you definitely do not need to be certain about your decision before you make it.

4. Total Certainty and Belief

In order to truly commit to a course of action, you must have certain belief in your ability to succeed.

For some people that means already placing them in the mindset that they have achieved what they set out to do already.

For others, affirming and cultivating certain belief through gaining knowledge and frequent study of those that have gone before is what works.

One thing is for sure, without complete certainty that you will achieve the desired outcome, you have little or no chance of sticking with it long enough to succeed.

Are you ready to put these 4 principles of turning "Someday" into THE DAY you will change your life?

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