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unstuck in life

Are you in one of those ruts in your life where everything seems to go against you?

Your friends let you down, your family is on your back, you can't seem to get ahead in your career and your living in debt or barely breaking even?

But isn't everyone like that?

Isn't that a reason to not feel so bad?

The truth is that most people ARE living their life this way, but does that mean you have to?

Just because there is an epidemic of negativity, emotional unease, frustration, anxiety, allergies, health issues and stress…is that the path you want to continue to travel?

Where does it lead?

Rarely do ruts like this end on their own, and if your life doesn't change can you imagine what living the remainder of your time on earth as you are today…stressed, anxious, unhealthy and unhappy?

Look, I realize these are difficult words to read, even harder for you to let the reality of where you are in your life sink in.

Strange enough though, it is the first step you can take toward snapping out of your rut, becoming unstuck in your life and regaining control over your emotional, physical ,social and financial life.

We've had many students work through the amazing SNAP System For Getting Unstuck In Your Life and heard about the incredible transformations in how they feel, how they see the world, how their "bad luck" seems to change to amazing luck and how they have once-and-for-all taken back control over their lives.

We can't go through the entire course here…but we can outline the main concepts that have been found to profoundly alter one's ability to get unstuck and leap forward in their lives no matter where you are starting from today.


The first stage in getting unstuck in your life is to interrupt current beliefs, thoughts, life plans and habits.   Why?  What we discovered having helped thousands of others dramatically transform their lives is that you MUST start by breaking negative thoughts and habits before you can replace them with incredible new thoughts, habits and results.  Said another way, it doesn't matter how many techniques, strategies or tools you tap into to change your life UNTIL you have broken the current, embedded patterns that have you stuck where you are in the first place.


So many people get stumped at the point in their lives when they try to find their purpose or passion in life.  Some people feel they just can't put their finger on that purpose – ever! Others, their purpose doesn't seem real enough or achievable.  Still others, their purpose is not accurate – they have simply chosen someone else's purpose and tried to apply it to their own life because they are influenced or manipulated by that other person.  True purpose and passion is found much more in your experiences, in what you feel when you DO things, and in piecing together different aspects of your life until you see the finished puzzle right in front of you.  The people we have worked with have ALL told us how powerful it is when they finally put their finger on their purpose and passion in life.


The evil twins of FEAR and DOUBT are responsible for nearly all life ruts you find yourself in.  The truth is that you have known how to live your life on purpose, with passion and energy but have slowly piece-by-piece given up on those dreams and vision in life as the seeds of fear and doubt took over from optimism and confidence.  For many, they have long since forgotten what their passions are, and have not even noticed that they now live a life of fear – being stuck is nothing more than being held back by fear and doubt.  Overcoming fear and doubt with certainty, passion and purpose will erase your life rut for good


After interrupting bad thoughts and habits, replacing them with passion and purpose-filled direction and plans as well as learning to recognize and manage fear and doubt are instant things you can do in your life to escape your life rut…but only learning to replace those bad habits (in thought and action) will lead to lifelong achievement, happiness and joy.  The great news is that new habits are easy to learn when you have removed doubt and fear – so by working through the steps in order, you make it easy for yourself to experience incredible life transformations and literally change your life from this point forward.

If you are struggling day-by-day, hour-by-hour, week-by-week to keep your head above water…struggling to stay hopeful and positive…struggling to improve your life for you and those around you, then you MUST snap out of your current life rut.

The 4 critical steps you see above have been proven time and time again to be the most effective steps in breaking out of life ruts and changing your life to a more passion-filled, emotionally happy and healthy life filled with new and amazing results.

If you want a helping hand to work through these steps and truly experience the profound, meaningful and exciting change that thousands of others have experienced, – you can use this video course to help guide the way 

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December 1, 2015

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