Simple Technique To Step Stress In Your Life


stop stressMany of us are not even aware the impact that stress is having on our lives until we undergo a change in our life such as:

  1. A major health challenge or diagnosis
  2. A mental or emotional breakdown
  3. We go on vacation or experience a change in life such as losing our job
  4. An important friend or relationship is impacted
  5. An "escape" technique takes over our life (drinking, drugs, gambling, etc…)

When we notice how much impact stress is having on our emotional and physical well being, it becomes a top priority to learn to control stress in life.

Controlling the impact stress has on our life is one of the 5 Pillars of Greatness outlined in the highly effective guidebook for achieving your true level of potential – and beyond – in life.

Since our stress comes from how we are reacting to certain thoughts, situations or people in life it stands to reason that we need new ways of recognizing and then changing the way we react to these situations.

Many people make the mistake thinking they can just avoid or change circumstances around them as a way to bring stress under control.

If we experience workplace stress, they avoid work or quit their job only to find that there is still stress in their lives that they cannot control.

When it comes to managing stress, the important aspect of any technique (yoga, meditation, controlled breathing, etc…) is the ability to put yourself in the moment of experiencing stress and then allowing that stress to be released.

Some people accomplish this through meditation, where they occupy their mind with a single stimulus to the point where your mind can be trained to more objectively look at your thoughts releasing you from being a victim to you controlling how your mind responds to previously stressful situations.

Another technique that people use is to combine deep breathing with visualization, focusing on the stressful condition on breathing in, then focusing on releasing that stress (as it leaves your mind and body) when you breath out.

Still other people we have worked with imagine swimming underwater and each breath out, the bubbles that rise to the surface contain the negative energy…the stress you feel about a given situation.

All of these techniques are the same, the simple technique is to develop a two-step process of visualizing and experiencing your stress while then having a mechanism (breath, waves of the ocean, thoughts that pass by when you meditate) to release your stress.

There is nothing in life as powerful and useful to your happiness, productivity, and overall personal improvement than learning to control stress in your life.

Do you have a technique for controlling stress that works well in your life?  Leave us a comment.

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