Setting Your Monthly Goals


The first of the month is a great time to set your goals for the month, have you set your goals?

Where should these goals come from?

First, as is outlined in Attracting Greatness – it starts with an overriding core of purpose principles…such as:

  • To live a clear, happy and healthy life so I can offer the most value to those around me
  • To dedicate my life to helping others achieve their purpose and dreams so THEY can achieve maximum impact

These are overriding fundamental beliefs extracted from intensive internal self-examination – techniques that will help you find your purpose and underlying beliefs are meditation, yoga and various focused brain techniques that help you channel thoughts held deeply within.

Now once you have the guiding fundamental principles that will serve as your compass, then setting longer-term goals should be your objective.

For instance, to achieve the Purpose Principle #1 – you would have goals around measurable results such as % body fat, # hours of meditation, blood pressure readings, schedule, etc…

From these longer-term goals (which still must have dates attached, but those dates may be 1-5 years out), you develop periodic short-term goals (I like these to be monthly)

In the case of total body health, here are some examples:

  • Week 1 – eliminate 50% of my normal weekly sugar and carbohydrate totals
  • Take Acidophilus each day for this month to help steady the digestive flora in my body
  • Exercise 5 times for 40-minutes where I keep my heart rate at or above 140 (cardio workout)
  • Exercise 3-times each week with a mix of muscle building workouts (to build muscle density, reduce fat and improve overall metabolism)
  • Take 1000 IU of vitamin D each day (as we are in a winter climate)

You get the picture. 

What makes establishing monthly goals so easy is 1) Having the BIG compass of knowing your main Purpose Principles and 2) Understanding the longer-term goals required to live in alignment with those purpose principles.  We used Attracting Greatness Blueprint to arrive at this stage where monthly goals are now so simple to set and achieve.

What are your monthly goals?  Do you find setting goals easy or hard…leave us a comment.

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