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Anyone who has read Attracting Greatness understands the challenges I faced in my mid-twenties (low energy, toxic, partial paralysis, poorly functioning immune system, new allergies, constant brain fuziness and headaches, chronic digestion problems like acid reflux and bloating…etc).

You will also know that years of medical tests and medications ended up making those problems worse, not better until we came across an alternative therapist that literally saved my life and has since been the catalyst for setting my body (and many around me) up for maximum success.


Your body really is your temple…health and energy are at the very foundation of all achievement.

Until you reach a point where you not only feel great but have confidence in your own health, energy and stamina, you will be held back in life.

We talk on this blog a great deal about the main pillars of achievement…Being Purpose Driven, Crafting A Vision, Nurturing Belief and Self Confidence, Managing Fear and Anxiety, Living A Life Of Action and Constant Improvement, etc…but none of this matter if you are not operating at a high rate of health.

Today I came across an article amount a man who suffered years with aching muscles, mis-diagnosed by the medical community, going so far as to have surgery and in 15-minutes was properly diagnosed by the same genius that led to the recovery you read about in Attracting Greatness.

This is an amazing read, head over to Tony and Marcelle's Awakening Potentials Blog and read about this fascinating story now hitting the newspapers.


At the root of this quick diagnosis is some basic (yet highly specialized) energy work that Tony and Marcelle have mastered over years of training and practice.

Within minutes they can isolate problems that include:

  • parasites (much more common than you may think)
  • yeast or candida overgrowth
  • specific organ weaknesses
  • viral infections (including where they are tending to focus their damage)
  • lymphatic system health
  • emotional conflicts
  • toxicity of all kinds including the specialized method for eliminiating the toxins in your body
  • Adrenal issues
  • immune system health
  • blood sugar compromise (including pancreas and gallbladder functioning)
  • allergies including food, environmental, viral, mould, etc…(some amazing abilties and help provided here)
  • much, much more…

Some of this needs to be done in person while most of it can be diagnosed remotely (via phone or skype) so they are really worth checking out if you are suffering with symptoms for which there does not seem to be a traditional diagnosis or treatment that is satisfactory to you.

All I can say is that we thank God each day for having had the Brunelle's to turn to for our family and friends.  Visit their website Awakening Potentials right here.





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