Seriously – Are You Passionate About Your Work?


We've gotten so used to hearing that well over 3/4 of us are not happy with our job, work or business, it's like we all know it, but the emotional impact is long gone.

Even fewer than 1/4 say that we are passionate or very happy with what we do…but what does this REALLY mean for you and our society at large?

  • 40%-50% of our entire waking lives is spent on our job, work, business – nearly half our entire life is spent doing what makes us miserable (or at least is NOT doing what makes us happy)
  • Doing work that we don't enjoy means we do not feel we CONTROL our situation.  Lack of control over our time, energy and finances is the #1 factor leading to stress – if you have too much stress in your life, then it IS largely due to your work, job or business
  • 90% of people do not have an effective way to relax, reduce stress or otherwise put our work day behind us…which means the OTHER 50% of our "awake" time is heavily impacted by the 50% we spend working at a job we do not like
  • Stress is the #1 factor involved in reduced sleep, unhealthy immune systems, short-term and long-term bad health and emotional health problems including addiction and depression
  • When you lack control, work at things you are not passionate about, your self esteem hits all-time lows meaning that you ARE NOT confident and do not PROJECT confidence (a major factor in getting ahead in life
  • You immediately give up the #1 factor in having a focused, high-octane, high-energy lifestyle – passion…so you always feel and are one-step behind those around you
  • Negative feelings, low energy, compromised health and unhappiness becomes the NEW NORMAL in your life – the cycle becomes complete when you don't even realize your situation any longer until something drastic happens in your life (you lose your job, you have a major health challenge, or…you die! )

Pretty bleak picture isn't it?

But tell me it isn't true?  If this doesn't quite sound like your life, then take a closer look. 

If you are one of the small minority that has learned that the secret to living life happily and productively is to live in tuen with your passion…then congratulations – leave a comment against this post to share your experiences with us

If you are someone who is reading this and suspects you may have fallen into a rut, that you have gotten away from living in tune with your passion and purpose, then leave us a comment – as a first step toward re-aligning your life, a small step like realizing where you are and deciding to begin the change in your life can be the starting point you need to get the ball rolling. 

Either way – let us hear from you.

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