Self Worth Comes Before Net Worth


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How many times have you thought to yourself "I should be in a different place in my life" or a variant on that thought placing you in doubt about where you are now versus where you want to be?

Perhaps the doubt is about your career, your relationship status, the friends that surround you or your finances…eating away at you HOW you actually arrived at this point in your life and what you can do to finally change the outcome before it is too late.

We all go through "awakenings" in our lives where we suddenly see the reality of what we have accomplished so far and go through anxiety, frustration and panic about how we have under-achieved compared to our vision.

For some, this awakening comes early on in their life with a failed relationship or sudden career change.

For others, it comes later in life when one settles into mid-life with a long-term relationship, extended family, mature career, etc…

For many, that realization unfortunately comes near the end of their life…not the ideal point to realize that you missed out on many of the joys and achievements in life simply because you weren't able to face up to limits and discover ways to unlock your true potential.

Self Worth

One of the most important pieces to moving from where you are today to where you want to be is your sense of self-esteem and overall view of self-worth.

Without the self-confidence to try new things, give up temporary comfort and security for longer-term excitement and joy you will find yourself sitting in one place, stagnating both mentally and physically only to regret these choices years or decades later.

Is it any coincidence that some of the most successful, happiest and most content people in the world came from a background where they were significantly challenged?

Not when you understand the importance of self-worth and how we build our sense of self-esteem.

Self worth is simply the inner belief we have around our ability to use our talents, skills and energy without limits to bring about value to others around us.

Yet for many, the uncertainty in our own ability to respond, bounce back or handle what comes next prevents us from carrying through on this mission which leaves us with ever lower levels of self-worth

Since self-worth is the fuel for the furnace that burns within each of us, low levels of self-worth lead to low levels of energy, physical well-being, influence on the outside world and happiness/joy in our lives

While our past may impact our self-worth (for example, if you were verbally or physically abused and told you were worthless), your self-worth TODAY and moving forward is completely within your control.

Here's The Really GOOD News…

We build self-worth through taking forward steps, experiencing setbacks, learning from them, and pushing on.

Here then is the secret to exploding your levels of self-worth…

By resisting the fear and anxiety associated with staying in one place (in one's comfort zone) and instead taking leaps of faith in your life KNOWING that you will experience setbacks that you will deal with and that this entire process will make you stronger, learn higher self-confidence and possess greater self-worth you will find the formula for happiness, joy and success in your life.

In short, your sense of self-worth must come from your own belief that you can rebound, learn and advance no matter what situation life throws at you.

This is a key point found in the SNAP System For Getting Unstuck In Your Life where students have come away with a life-changing sense that they finally know the path to follow to experience all of their wishes and desires AND that it is finally within their reach (not just something that works for someone else)

That does NOT come from sitting in one place, playing it safe and refusing to take any risks – no matter how small or large.

For example, Sir Richard Branson (the philanthropist, environmental activist and innovator who made Billions in business) started life very shy and risk averse…he was paralyzed by his own sense of self-worth

Pushed by his mother to not be selfish and hide his true talent from the world, he began to take chances and in doing so learned the value of building his faith in himself.

Today he is known as one of the biggest risk-taking brands in business — constantly pushing himself outside of his comfort zone building higher and higher levels of self-worth feeding him energy and self-confidence to go on and help Millions of others in the world.

So, no matter the challenge you face in your life today, be it financial, professional, emotional, social or otherwise, the answer can be found in improving your sense of self-worth.

Rather than protecting yourself from an artificial fear of not being able to handle what life may bring next, instead be aggressive going out and experiencing the best life has to offer knowing that the inner strength and self worth you build during this process is the KEY to your future happiness and achievement.


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