Self-Improvement: Are We Alone?


Isn't it the case that when we are seeking happiness, success or trying to escape a painful or negative situation we look to those around us as a starting point for self-improvement?

We may seek self help audios, read self help books or look for positive friends around us to help us through these rough times, but is looking at society the right first step on our way to personal growth?

Unfortunately relying on someone else's view of self development usually ends up backfiring on us, just as fad diets rarely work to keep off weight, seeking short-term solutions to personal growth and development are doomed to fail in the long run.

Personal improvement must begin from within, and can then applied socially – so we must first discover ways to look within ourselves and discover the values, purpose, and underlying objectives that will provide the beacon on our quest for self-improvement.

I hear from many people that when they are low, they also experience very serious period of loneliness – feeling isolated from society who all seem involved in their own selfish pursuits.  Certainly, that experience is not suprising given that when we live in discontinuity with our inner purpose we are putting up a barrier through our sub-conscious and conscious mind that shows in our behavior toward those who would otherwise be our strongest allies. 

So when you are low and begin the process of self-improvement don't be afraid of being alone, instead embrace it and commit to selfgrowth methods that will finally uncover deeply held desires and objectives that will arm you with an entirely new energy and make you much more socially desirable to others who are congruent with your ultimate purpose.

In short, if we live a lie and fool ourselves, we will also fool all of those around us and one day discover that we have alienated the very people that we, deep down, would like to have attracted to us. 

By beginning your personal growth pursuit by looking inward, suddenly you will find that the barrier will come down and you will, rather magically, begin attracting quality people into your life to meaningful friendships and relationships that are congruent with your life's purpose.

We go through this process in detail in this top selling self-improvement manual outlining 5 pillars of Greatness that will help you achieve this inner awareness and begin attracting incredible people, places and things into your life. 

Until now, you may not happy with the people around you – you are not living congruent to what is inside — and you would not be in the minority as MOST people are not even aware of what's inside let alone living in tune with that underlying purpose and values. 

So, how do you find out what's within you without a ton of extra work and study? 

The good news is that it's all there for you to discover and the process of discovery is incredibly empowering, fun and tremendously exciting.

I have found that methods such as meditation and yoga have allowed me to both discover what I truly feel about certain things AND gives me the added self-confidence and self-esteem to live in tune with what I discover.  

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