Self Confidence – The Key To Less Frustration


If you find yourself living life with a great degree of anxiety, frustration, stress and anger…one of the first places to look is your level of self-confidence.

Here are some common situations that people struggle with…or may avoid altogether if self confidence is low:

  1. Saying no to going out with friends even though you really want to go…just because you are afraid you won't look good, act like they want you to or say the right things
  2. Settle for the status quo (or what you have now) because you may not be able to handle what happens if you ask for more
  3. You can't seem to attract people even though you try very hard…this is often because they see you are uncomfortable which leads to awkwardness for them
  4. Paralyzing fear keeps you from speaking in front of groups, so you had that over to someone else who gets all of the credit
  5. Everyone thinks you are too serious because you won't let go and show them the "real" you for fear of being rejected
  6. You often avoid helping others even though you want to because it may put you in a risky situation
  7. You have trouble saying "No", especially to those who intimidate you (and there are lots of those in your life)
  8. Sometimes you can't stand yourself, so you escape using video games, sleeping, alcohol or other defense mechanisms
  9. You spend more and more time alone even though you would rather be around other people
  10. Everyone else always seems to get picked over you…even when you would have done better than them

Any of these sound familiar?

Look, self-confidence has everything to do with self -belief and if you have reached a point in your life where you feel you can't even count on yourself, then daily life becomes filled with stress, frustration and eventually anger as well as negative behaviors.

So what can you do about it?

  1. Recognize that you (as we all must) work on your self belief and self confidence daily – more good things will come from this than spending time on anything else in life
  2. You must balance and then enhance the negative self-talk that is going on in your head with positive self-talk.  Visualize you as IF YOU ALREADY are confident, such that others around you treat you the way you wish to be treated and continually run this movie through your mind.  At first this will take tremendous conscious effort, but eventually it will become a habit just as the negative self-talk is a habit today
  3. Learn to manage your fear and uncertainty by first facing it and then second, putting them into perspective by looking at them objectively using techniques like meditation and relaxation where you can see that most of your fears are overblown
  4. Take action…even in the face of fear, or low confidence you MUST jump in with both feet and understand that failure is not absolute – but rather a temporary outcome designed to teach us more about how we improve the next time around

Are you ready to design your life with optimal self confidence, enhance your self belief and experience less frustration in your life?  Give these tips a try…and check out Attract Greatness, a terrific roadmap guide for those who want to turn their life around and quickly get Unstuck moving toward greatness in their lives.

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