Self Confidence Is Something YOU Control

The more we live the more we see how important it is to have self confidence.

Your level of self confidence impacts every area of your life from your own internal happiness and peace through external relationships, career satisfaction and financial success.

Without self confidence, we fall into these traps:

  • We base our self-worth with the opinions of others
  • External factors such as appearance, reaction, and your environment serve the basis of how we choose to feel about ourselves
  • Our own lack of confidence prevents us from having the motivation to improve ourselves so you end up stuck in life
  • You become trapped in your own prison knowing you have more to offer but can't find it in you to be who you really are
  • Everything you see, smell, hear and do is clouded by "black colored" glasses, our perspective is warped by our own negative self-image
  • We fall into the trap of escaping through distraction of short-term stimulants leading to emotional and physical addictions such as drinking, drugs, gambling, spending money, etc…
  • You appear serious, uptight and aloof to others who have no idea what turmoil you are really going through inside
  • It takes a massive shock to your system to bring you out of this condition IF you continue to ignore and hide the essential role that self confidence plays in life

Lacking self confidence is not trivial, instead it is often the difference between living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life and living something much less.

Here are 3 steps you can take right now to escape a life of fear, anxiety and pain associated with low self esteem instead pointing yourself in the direction of happiness, joy, peace and fulfillment.

1. Look Within, Stop Looking Outside

Are you someone that cares deeply what others think of you?  How they see you?  Are you crushed if they don't like you?  Do you often feel like you have no friends or that the friends you do have do not treat you well?

These are all signs that you are too focused on external factors in assessing your self worth.

For someone with a healthy level of self confidence, they know their worth, they have a clear understanding of their value to themselves and to those around them and know the internal beliefs and values they must live up to for their own happiness.  It has nothing to do with the opinions or acceptance of those around them.

Of most interest, people with high self confidence tend to naturally bring out the best in others, fend off negative people and attract (through positive energy) those who are also confident in life.  Self confident people make negative people better, and attract positive people toward them without even trying.

2. You Are Not Being Selfish

Many people feel that spending time on themselves, introspection, meditation, fitness and making sure they are firmly in charge of their own beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors is selfish.

Yet, it is quite the opposite.  Spending time on yourself makes you a better person, more able to contribute and help those around you.  The rather dramatic impact of meditating just 20-minutes each day for a 1-2 week period is outlined in Attracting Greatness…learning to look within and control the pressures around you clears the path to build self confidence and experience amazing results in your life.

By placing all of your attention and focus on those around you without really knowing yourself is recipe for disaster where eventually (if not already) you become a lost soul unable to help anyone, including yourself

3. Continual Growth

As healthy human beings we must treat life as a journey not a destination.  As such, we are most happy and confident when we continually learn and improve ourselves.  Self improvement, self-awareness and improving our self confidence must become as important to our daily rituals as breathing or eating is.

Finding and growing our deep well of inner confidence is not a one-time or periodic process but is rather the product of a consistent, daily effort that, in the beginning, takes some concerted effort, but eventually becomes a natural habit that supersedes our existing habits for negative thought and seeking approval outside of ourselves.

Self-confidence is the key factor in life that impacts ALL thought, behavior and outcomes – given it's scope of importance, we should all be giving it the attention it deserves.