Seeking Self Confidence Can Backfire!


How much of your personal motivation, productivity, happiness and overall daily attitude depends upon regular injections of confidence boosting feedback from someone around you?  Does your self-esteem and personal self confidence come from outside our from within?

For most, especially kids and young adults, seeking self confidence through praise, doing the "right" thing and trying to "fit in" can actually send us down the wrong path – even though the quest for confidence building may seem like we are doing the right thing, by making the source of that self confidence something outside of us we are placing our very lives in the hands of others.

For instance, in this recent study in Michigan, students rated self confidence boosting feedback and situations above sex, drinking and getting paid meaning that the majority's dependence on external factors influencing their self esteem was almost as important as food, water and air to them.

But is that the right perspective? 

Does chasing praise and positive opinions about our behavior serve us well?

What happens if we lose that source of external self-esteem, will our lives collapse and fall apart? 

In Attracting Greatness it is clearly shown that the top achievers, happiest and most adjusted individuals are those that are able to draw on incredible sources of self confdience from within themselves. 

In fact, just knowing that they themselves can handle any situation and can pull up confidence no matter what their life situation is instills in them an inner peace, confidence, fulfillment and happiness that those who have yet to tap into their inner well of strength has.

So, the point being  – seeking self confidence through dependence on external factors is really no different than seeking satisfaction in life through dependencies on drugs, alcohol, eating or other destructive habits.

While working on your ability to trust yourself, see the tremendous energy and power of your own spirit, instincts and reason – and how all of this gives you an unending supply of internally derrived self confidence making you unstoppable is a terrific way build a healthy sense of self confidence that radiates energy and makes you more attractive to those around you. 

Where are you with your self confidence?  Are you able to see your own personal stores of energy and confidence?  Leave a comment and share.

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