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Have you ever known those people who never seem to get sick?  They can keep a highly productive, consistent schedule and always seem to be up earlier to get their day rolling?  Is there a way to go from a weak immune system to boosting immunity without having to completely change your life?

Flu boosters and vitamins immediately come to mind, and yes, these are multi-billion dollar industries, but the truth is that the better response may be within us right now.

A very big part of getting things done and attracting other high quality, achievement oriented, balanced and happy people into your life is your ability to stay consistently healthy. 

One of the 5 principle pillars for Achieving Greatness  is the #1 missing piece most of us do NOT get…that is the impact that stress has on how happy, healthy and effective we are in life.

All of us are impacted by negative stress…those of us who learn to manage stress at an early age and STILL get what we want done are the ones that will achieve incredible things in their lives.  Stress may manifest itself as outright fear, but more likely it will do you more damage by ensuring you have a weak immune system.

In Achieving Greatness I cover in detail how a stress-induced chemical malfunction in my body nearly led to my total desctruction back when I was in my early twenties…unfortunately this same set of circumstances is playing out over and over again impacting millions of us from the early childhood ages through to older adults. 

It started with symptoms of a weak immune system, where I would pick up colds and flus whenever someone even mentioned the word cold…then the symptoms became more serious until I could no longer function, had lost more than 30-lbs and could barely keep the simplest of foods down. 

After months of tests, doctors, and worsening symptoms, I finally hit a doctor and naturopath combination that figured out that my body and immune system were under severe stress due to a combination of stress and toxicity – overriden with bad bacteria, they put me on the right path, boosting my immune system along the way.

Within weeks I was a completely new person with renewed energy, a new lust for life and happiness and able to get things done for the first time in over a year.  Even better, bringing my body back into balance and learning to manage stress built my immune defences stronger than they had ever been.

The entire experience and methods we used to get out of this very common, unhealthy state and return to achieve some incredible things over the last few years – including the techniques we used to manage stress – are outlined in the Beyond Greatness – Improve Your Life Blueprint.

A recent study completed by Duke University researchers has finally proven there exists a genetic link between our nervous system and our immune system. 

Simply put, they demonstrated a direct link between stress messages in the body overriding chemical balances in our gut causing an imbalance and rather severe impact on our immune system.  Unfortunately, there are other negatives as well…not only will these messages impact the immune system, they will impact digestion, our absorption of food and vitamins, our brain and cognitive functions, our self-confidence, energy and nearly every part of our lives you can imagine.

The message is clear, we MUST learn to manage negative stress in our lives to not only achieve feel better and break free of current limitations, but our very survival will depend on us doing so.

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