Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Self-Esteem Now!


So many of us go throuh negative phases of our lives where are faith in ourselves takes a steep dive.  Sometimes we notice right away, but most likely we learn to live in this state of low self-worth and low self-esteem for months or years…even building co-dependent relationships around these feelings further reinforcing them in our lives.

Once day, you come to the realization that you must reclaim your self-worth.

That your self-esteem has hit rock bottom and that you are not living the life you had intended.

You become stuck in a rut with very little hope, energy or direction and that's when you figure out…all of this started because I gave up my self-worth

That's right – I said "gave up" because inherently we all have a fundamental maximum self-worth…only through your thinking and reactions to life can you choose to ignore that infinitely existing state of maximum self-worth.

You control your self worth, if you have let someone or situation take that away from you, then you have every right and ability to stop that destructive thinking and once again control your own self esteem and feelings of self worth.

This involves a combination of dealing with the negatives that tend to lead you to give up control (fear, anxiety, love of a negative person, toxic physical state) while at the same time learning to get back in touch with what your core values and passions are in life – meditation can be a great practice to help with both of these objectives. 

While this sounds simple, and it CAN be, there are fundamental processes for recognizing, understanding and changing your negative thought patterns instead substituting them with the thoughts aligned with your ever present self-worth…these processes and steps are covered in detail inside Attracting Greatness. 

And yes, you are correct – you MUST regain your self worth, it impacts every aspect of your life but most of all, your ability to live in alignment with the real you from which all energy flows.  

Only when you recognize and live aligned with your fundamental self-worth can you exist in harmony with the universe bringing you happiness, joy, fulfillment and attracting greatness from every direction.

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