Raise Your Self-Esteem – 3 Ways That Work


It seems we all struggle with negative images of ourselves, each day is a struggle and comparing ourself against others can sometimes be painful.

A good portion of this is due to low self-esteem, or a low sense of a positive "self"

Of course, this manifests itself in how we feel and ultimately, how we behave completing the circle of sub-conscious mind, to conscious mind through emotions to behaviors and back to reinforcing the sub-conscious mind.


What you absolutely do NOT want to live with is chronic or long-term low self -esteem brought on by a fundamentally low level of self-confidence.

Fortunately there are 3 main areas you can use to turn things around, get unstuck and break the cycle of feeling and behaving less than what you would like,

1. Seeing The Ultimate You

As with anything you do in life, you must "see" something before you do or be it.  We learn to walk and talk by modeling those around us, learning to have a high self-confidence and self-esteem is no different.  Methods talked about inside Attracting Greatness include: identifying role models, visualizations, goal setting (but with very specific types of goals in mind), sensory inflation (where you purposely create heightended sensations around some sights, sounds and smells to give you the sense you are living differently).   What this step does is helps you create an entirely new perspective, vision and ultimately, reality for your life.

2. Manage Your "Negative" Triggers

Just because you create a new positive vision and end-goal for yourself doesn't mean we can deny the "triggers" in our lives that pull us back into negative self-thinking.  It could be social situations, dealing with people in authority, managing a relationship with the opposite sex or any intimate relationship, fear of public speaking…We all have these triggers, to raise self-esteem we must recognize those triggers and learn to deal with them in a constructive way. 

3. Repetitive Reinforcement

Once we have outlined our ideal life (step 1) and then learned to identify and manage the "triggers" that challenge our self confidence (step 2) we then can enter a phase of positive reinforcement which simply means consistently replacing the negative self-talk, sub-conscious elements and concsciou thoughts with those of our newly constructed reality.  What this is about is starving out the low self esteem with positive thoughts and emotions until this becomes the NEW habit in your life and low self esteem becomes something in your past.

All of this is possible in a very short time, you can start seeing results in just a couple of weeks with longer term results that can truly change your life.  Not only do you want to temporarily reaise your self esteem, but you want it to be your new reality…that can happen if you focus on these 3 areas.  Find out how we (and thousands of others) have changed their life, improve their self-confidence permanently and let the world see the REAL person locked inside finally able to show everyone their true potential by understanding the system outlined in Attracting Greatness.

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