Race To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning!


Not you?

Are you someone who has trouble getting excited and popping out of bed in the morning?

Do you find yourself going through the motions, I call it the "robot mentality"?

Can you remember a time when you were young when you "just woke up?" and you were excited?

For many people, those days are long gone and it makes you wonder, what chance of happiness, fulfillment and joy can there be in a day if you wake up without it?

What's Wrong With This Picture!

When you wake up and go to work, school or to do your errands for the day are you secretly hoping and wishing that something, just SOME THING…will be exciting and maybe, just maybe, that Some Thing will change your life for the better?

But…that rarely happens does it?

And even when it does, the feeling doesn't last very long.

Here's where the issue is…we are waiting for someone else, something else, ANYTHING to come along and somehow improve our life.

Do you see the irony?

Something as important as being happy, fulfilled and having fun we are leaving totally up to the control of other people or situations around us.

Does that really make sense?

A Much Better Way

What if we took matters into our own hands and we made CERTAIN that we would wake up excited, happy and filled with joy?

I'm not talking about magic or voodoo…I am saying that you control your beliefs, thoughts and how you choose to direct those each and every day…yet most of us forget this and instead leave our direction and emotional state to the fate of the day.

What would make you excited to get up each day?

Would it be:

  • Having a purpose-driven goal to achieve or become something you have always wanted?
  • To meet with someone you have always wanted to meet?
  • To be in control?
  • To get out of debt and into a situation where you call your shots financially?
  • To be rid of a destructive relationship and into a nurturing, supportive one?
  • To start day #1 of becoming healthier and addiction free?

It all starts with knowing what it is that will trigger the emotions of joy, happiness and fulfillment.

From there, you want to immediately start working on a plan toward achieving that in your life…even if the plan takes weeks, months or even years…

By having a clear course that emotionally triggers happiness and joy in your life AND a plan that begins to move you closer to that state in your life you are now far more likely to jump out of bed in the morning because you begin leading a purpose-driven life heading toward a state you are certain you will achieve and when you do…you will be a better, happier and more joyous person.

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