Purpose, Passion And Motivation


Are there any 3 words that have been used more in the area of personal development than purpose (find your purpose), passion (live in tune with your passion) and motivation (how do I get motivated?)

For such coverage, we still get confused over the exact meaning of these terms and how to be on the right side of these in our daily lives.

Do we have to know our purpose to live passionate and motivated lives?

How do we find our purpose anyway?

Indeed, identifying one's purpose is one of the Give Pillars of Greatness identified in Attracting Greatness…so yes, it is extremely important.

Can you be permanantly living in alignment with your purpose and experience passion and motivation each day?

Let's try and keep things really simple…

If you have a passion for something in life – a hobby, career, special interest or skill, then you have taken one giant step toward identifying your purpose.

Passion is always tied to purpose…though it may not always be immediately obvious how.

For example, if you are passionate about playing music, is your purpose to make people happy, help people relax, add value to society, feed peace not war, teach others how to experience the same passion you have for music…

In other words, use your passion to give you a clue as to what your purpose is in life, it's up to you to dig deeper and find out what purpose drives that passion.

For example, I worked with a client who was stuck in their job, was at least 20lbs overweight, had just recently been through a divorce and was generally struggling with everything in their life.

They were holding a dream to write their own book for at least the last 15-yearss, that was a passion for them. Every minute they could, they would write, but their purpose remained unfulfilled.

He continually ignored that passion and constantly put it on the back-burner in favor of everything they did not enjoy doing.

Long story short, his life is now changing marketdly as they put more priority on their passion. A big part of that was understanding WHY they had the passion to write — turns out their purpose was to help others through teaching. In this case, their passion was their guide to understanding their purpose. Unfortunately it took 15+ years to figure out, fortunately he is on the right track.

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