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We're all looking for ways to improve our personal achievement and one terrific way to do that is to create a personal plan that is in line with our own productivity schedule.

Are you more productive in the morning or the afternoon?  How about the evening, when your kids are asleep? 

For most people, there are a few hours each day when they consistently feel the most energetic, the greatest amount of creativity, sharper than the remainder of the day.  Yet, if we're not careful, we often waste that important part of our day or let others fritter it away while we miss out on the high production we can draw from this critical part of our day.

That's what I mean by a personal plan that lines up with the most productive part of our day.

In the terrific personal achievement book "Beyond Greatness" the critical phases of discovering one's ultimate purpose and gaining self-confidence in our lives depends heavily on improving our ability to take action and reduce procrastination to a mere memory. 

My time is the morning – typically between 6AM-11AM I am far more energetic, and so I work on a personal plan that blocks time specifically targeting my personal achievement goals.

For instance, I begin by exercising to help achieve my weight loss and health goals followed by a consistent breakfast with my family – quality time when I give full attention to my kids.  I'm the breakfast person around our house and for the last nine years our kids can count on some alone time with Dad first thing in the morning. 

Next comes my most productive time to work on my most cherished personal plan regarding business – when I write, publish and develop my best strategic marketing ideas.  But I don't JUST plan, I also make sure I take action first thing in the morning to get the day off right. 

When is your best, most productive time of the day?

What a rush it can be to hit 12 Noon and already have accomplished more than you set out to do that day.  Or, if you are an evening person, then by being the most productive you can be, working on the right elements of your personal plan, you can lay down and have the best sleep you have ever had because you know you are focused and that you have gained maximum personal achievement for that day. 

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