Personal Development Improves Your Life Choices


I remember back 25-odd years ago a few weeks into my new job (shipping lumber in a building supply warehouse near home) that the little things mattered:

  • Being on time for work
  • Saying hello to my managers and co-workers regularly
  • Dealing well with "difficult" customers as well as the happy ones
  • Staying motivated – finding reasons to want to come to work
  • Going that extra mile to help those around the shop
  • Spending my off time learning how those above me did their job so one day I could slip into that role

None of this would have been possible without a fundamental belief that it was ME that controlled my destiny.  That if I did the right things, had the right attitude and looked after customers that I would rapidly work myself up into advanced positions. 

In fact, that's exactly what happened.  Within two years I was a senior manager second from the top of the company – and because it was a part commission-based role, actually earned more than the general manager. 

All of this while I worked my way through University – what a blast. 

Why did this all happen?

Simple – because I understood how important it was to work on ME!   Thanks to the personal development courses (audios and written packages) my father listened to I found a whole new world open up where I could consistently put my finger on how to influence people, how to align the universe with my own objectives, how to be happy AND effective and get paid well for doing it. 

Chances are you are stuck – having trouble advancing at least one part of your life.  It could be your body. health, finances, career, stress level, your level of happiness, a meaningful relationship, lacking an outlet or hobby – whatever it is, personal development is the key to busting through the resistance in your life. 

Here are 3 specific areas that tremendously help you improve your life within just a few short weeks…

1. Health and appearance.  I don't get too caught up in appearances, we are all beautiful in one way or another, but there are things we do to improve the functioning of our bodies to an optimal level which will help us achieve more muscle tone, a better weight, more energy and vigour, softer and smoother skin, healthier hair, whiter teeth, a healthy sex drive, and overcome pain, disease and illness.  Personal improvement directly impacts your health, happiness, and aiblity to manage destructive stress in your life. 

2. Gain self-confidence and show the world who you really are.  So many of us hide behind fear or low self confidence – unable to face situations or people that make us nervous, unfortable and anxious – the system outlined in Attracting Greatness is one of most powerful for helping anyone quickly and easily gain healthy levels of self-esteem – boosting through confidence challenges. 

3. Overcome your fears.  When you see leaders in any industry, charity or situation don't you wonder "how are they able to cope with constantly being challenged beyond their comfort zone?" 

I recently read an article about a well educated doctor in our community that spends most of his time treating the homeless – everday he faces death, despair, discomfort, unfairness, deplorable conditions, uncertainty – yet he is the happiest he has been his entire life.  What about the leading CEO who daily is faced with challenges and people that may have terrified him just 1-week ago. 

able to control and overcome your fears is CRITICAL to achieving your true potential.   Inside this Blueprint System For Reaching Greateness improving health, confidence and your ability to deal with fear are just 3 of the key Pillars to Greatness – you can read more about it here. 

We all have areas of our lives that need work – it starts with you, now is the best time to get started by beginning your journey of personal development.

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May 15, 2011

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