Perception And Belief…Your Ticket To Success


If you are reading this right now and your state of mind is hopeful, frustrated or downright desperate to achieve change and greatness in your life, then today's post is for YOU.  

Why is it that so many of us HOPE, WISH or DREAM for a better lot in life, but just can't seem make enough progress to get there?

After all, you can only keep hopes and wishes so long before doubt creeps in and you are forced to settle for what you have today – the more time progresses, the more you tend to settle for what you have and the farther out of reach your dreams seem to be.

Why Is Reaching Your Dreams So Hard?

While we may blame past experiences or external situations for our lack of achieving the success we desire in life, the reality is that we are exactly where our mind wants us to be at any given time.

If you are 20-lbs overweight, feeling depressed and unhealthy – then we cannot blame anyone or anything else other than ourselves.

If we are in a job, career or educational program that we absolutely detest (and that causes undue stress on our lives) then again, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

On the flipside, this means we have 100% control to change our ability to achieve moving forward.

It won't be easy as this life change requires us to first recognize our sole responsibility to change and second, realize that there are strong forces in our own mind that, over time, have become patterns holding us where we are in life that must be broken and re-built.

Perception And Belief = Achievement

Nepoleon Hill himself summarized the formula for success as "Whatever The Mind Can Perceive And Believe, It Can Achieve"

I'm sure you have heard those words before and may have even memorized that quote – but do you truly understand what it means?

Perception of your dream is simple enough, but keep in mind in order to achieve something we must…

  • See it and feel it clearly and completely
  • It must be important and emotionally charged enough to be a shining light in our life
  • It must be YOUR perception backed by YOUR desire and emotional backing – adopting someone else's vision is not good enough

Right away, I'm sure you can see where you could improve your "Perception" of your main purpose and goals in life.

Belief…now this one is so critical and yet is overlooked by the vast majority of people who do NOT reach their dreams and yet is fully held by everyone who HAS achieved their desired success in life.

Belief is the missing factor that creates the gigantic canyon between wanting, wishing and dreaming for something and actually seeing it come about.

When you can clearly define your desired improvement and outcome in life AND have it fueled by total certainty and belief that it WILL happen – you become unstoppable.

Unfortunately, most people wish or dream for something and yet are not 100% convinced it is possible for them.  Instead, their self-talk is negative, their mind is secretly filled with doubt, their actions are only partial rather than complete and they find reasons why it will not work to avoid the pain and frustration associated with failing.

If you are stuck in life, seemingly not able to progress toward your dreams then examine these two factors:

  1. Do you have a clear, emotionally charged perception of what it is you want to achieve most in your life making sure that is is YOUR dream
  2. Have you an unconditional, unlimited and unwavering belief that you will achieve your dreams in your life to the point where you have already made it a done deal?

Combining perception and belief really is the foundation for feeding your mind the right formula to bring about incredible progress and momentum toward your goals in life.

If you are struggling to cultivate a clear perception of purpose in your life or to build that belief which may be lacking – it's worth working through "Get Unstuck in Your Life" which provides a simple and highly effective formula for working through each phase of bringing about positive changes in your life toward reaching your desired passions, purpose and goals.

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