stop stress life

stop stress life

We all talk about how much stress we have in our lives…but where does that stress really come from?

When stress is at a chronic level in our lives it affects everything right?

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Are you going through a point in your life where things just aren't clear to you?

You've reached a point where the path forward is just not apparent…you may have things you want or a picture in your mind of where you wished you could be, but what you should do next to get there is hidden by the fog.

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Without a doubt, we are happiest and most satisfied in life when we are on a course toward something meaningful.

Absent any real direction, purpose or guiding light, we become lost, stressed, upset and confused leading to a host of emotional, physical and behavioral issues.

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Answer this question honestly…

When you do something wrong, get down on yourself or analyze your self-talk do you say… "I am _________"  versus "What I Did Was _________"?

Which One Of These Boosts Your Self Esteem And Which One Kills It?

What this really gives you insight into your level of self esteem and self confidence.

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So many of us have at least one set of bad habits that we wish we could change.

  • Habits around our health
  • Financial habits
  • Personality habits (anger, moodiness, jealousy, etc…)
  • Habits associated with negative thinking or negative self-image or self confidence

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There's not a worse feeling in the world than how lacking confidence in yourself makes you feel is there?

We dread letting ourselves down and actually admitting that we lack the self confidence required to push through certain situations in our life…we dread it so much that we make every excuse known to mankind so that we don't have to face the reality.

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We work with many people to find their guiding light – their purpose, passion and goals.

Very few people are using anywhere CLOSE to their true potential – you know WHY?

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We all hit this point in our lives where we seem to reach an invisible (but very persistent) ceiling which we can't seem to get past.

How hard is it to lose that last 10-15 lbs?

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Let's face it, each day we all face a combination of good things and challenges.

Unfortunately it is the challenges that we tend to focus on  and that weigh us down.

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I'm sure you are like me and have met both kinds of people –

  1. People that jump at everything but can't seem to stick with anything.  
  2. People that think, worry and lament so much they never seem to take any action

I would say that I fall more into the second category than the first by default (at least I used to) so that means I have to figure out how to spend less time thinking, analyzing, planning and worrying and more time in active learning mode.

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