believe to achieve

You've probably heard the saying, "if you can conceive it you can achieve it" as related to changing your life for the better.

Well, not exactly…

Simply conceiving something, knowing that you want to achieve something in your life is not enough to make it happen is it?

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stop worrying other people

One of the biggest challenges I faced when I was in my Twenties and early Thirties was being emotionally paralyzed by worrying what other people will think if I say, behave or act on a certain thought.

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get unstuck in life

What do you have to gain following the crowd?

What good comes from letting someone else control your life, your time, your energy and and your contribution to the world?

Yet 97% of the population are followers…we are taught to follow rules, do the "right" thing, study standard teaching, to not deviate from the lesson plans and rules.

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get what you want life

I'm not crazy about words like success or achievement, even though they are powerful words, they mean different things to different people.

Depending on your beliefs and your background, these words may have more negativity associated with them that positive meaning.

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overcome stress in life

I Had an interesting conversation with a buddy of mine over a few drinks last night.

His frustration was that he was busier than ever…

Hitting it hard! 

Lots of to-do lists, getting up early, doing many of the "right" things…meditating, exercise, watching his diet, etc…

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how to meditate

Something I learned very early on in my life made a very big impact…

While It's Not Intuitive, The More Self-Discipline We Have, The Freedom We Experience"

Think about it, who has more freedom, choice, influence and results in their life…

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improve your life

I get told often by people that "I am so stressed" where they assume that stress is coming from being too busy or doing too many things.

Yet, if you really dig in, the stress comes not from being too busy but rather from the uncertainty and lack of control over one's life.

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get over challenges in life

There are three possible responses you have to a challenges and setbacks in your life…

  1. You dwell and let them eat away at you impacting every area of your life
  2. You *think* you ignore them and turn the other cheek, but silently they eat you up inside

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stop stress life

stop stress life

We all talk about how much stress we have in our lives…but where does that stress really come from?

When stress is at a chronic level in our lives it affects everything right?

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Are you going through a point in your life where things just aren't clear to you?

You've reached a point where the path forward is just not apparent…you may have things you want or a picture in your mind of where you wished you could be, but what you should do next to get there is hidden by the fog.

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