stop negative self talk

How often do you find yourself in pressure situations and talk yourself out of doing what you really want to do or are truly capable of doing?

For example, as a student, you have a big test and even though you know the material forwards, backwards and sideways you still let your inner voice bombard you with doubt.

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success with meditation

Have you tried meditation but get frustrated because it seems the harder you try, the less effective it is for you?

Are you worried that meditation will result in you "losing your edge?"

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unstuck in your life

One of the most common things students of
SNAP: 4 Step System For Getting Unstuck In Life
share with us is how they have lost hope and excitement in their life instead just getting through the morning, then the afternoon, then the night…day-after-day.

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time to change life

For the better part of my teenage years and then well into my twenties I had this attitude that the future is when things were going to really click for me in my life.

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people walk all over you

I was talking to a student who just finished up working through the 4-Step System To Getting Unstuck In Your Life last evening over Skype about being selfish versus selfless and where to draw the line when people are walking all over you.

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stop being insecure

How often does that little voice inside your head make up excuses or opt-out of situations or actions that you know you really want to pursue?

You know the feeling…

  • Thoughts and images race through your head a million miles per hour

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inspired life

Wouldn't you agree that a very significant portion of your happiness in life happens through inspiration?

I know that when I'm inspired, all of the right buttons are going off and I can most accurately point to what being fully happy and engaged in life is really like.

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change your life

Have you ever noticed that when you want to grow or expand an area of your life you immediately look to others to help you get there?

If your goal is to lose 20-pounds, then you immediately ask those around you about diet or exercise plans, what they have done to try to lose weight – and what's even crazier is that most of these people didn't succeed.

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improve life

So many of us get wrapped up in improving our lives looking at where we are, what we have accomplished from the perspective of YOURSELF.

The challenge with that is we ignore so much around us that really motivates what we do everyday.

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