stuck in life

I am obviously a big supporter (and hopefully have done my share) of improving people's lives through personal development and self improvement.

I also believe entirely that anyone can completely reverse their past or even present by taking control and changing tomorrow, and the days after that.

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life success

Personal development is a lifelong journey, the more we learn and grow, the happier we will be in life.

As with any journey, there are certain steps you take that make a MASSIVE difference to the outcome of that journey.

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get positive outlook

Are things just not going your way in life?

Do you struggle with…

  • Getting people to like you or join your side?
  • Finding new opportunities, they seem to pass you by?

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how live amazing life

If you aren't where you want to be in life, the good news is that you do have the ability to change your life, learn and grow…no matter where you are starting from today.

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improve your life

Are you frustrated, depressed or angry about where you are in your life right now?

Wish you could improve your life?

It's been proven time and time again that taking action (starting with learning these 10 simple principles below) is the way to climb out of your funk and begin your journey to the good life that you seek.

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life control

It happens to all of us at points in our life when we agreed to believe, think, plan or act in a way that did not correspond to what we really felt or thought at the time.

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how to be happy in life

I work with high-achieving entrepreneurs, I work with hard-working people that earn below-average incomes and I work with those less fortunate through charities and volunteer work…almost unanimously the same question comes up – how can I be truly happy?

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how achieve life

We put together Attracting Greatness for one main reason…we realized that Automatic Acceptance (living a life driven by the habit to simply exist, settle or "get through" life) was becoming the NORMAL way of living and this is leading to an epidemic of unhappiness, hopelessness, stress, poor health and low contribution to society.

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stop negative self talk

How often do you find yourself in pressure situations and talk yourself out of doing what you really want to do or are truly capable of doing?

For example, as a student, you have a big test and even though you know the material forwards, backwards and sideways you still let your inner voice bombard you with doubt.

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success with meditation

Have you tried meditation but get frustrated because it seems the harder you try, the less effective it is for you?

Are you worried that meditation will result in you "losing your edge?"

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